Vernon Onstage and Blackstone Selling Cereal

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Postby Todd Karr » 05/01/08 12:46 PM

Hi, everyone

Two new fantastic historical DVD sets from our Trick Photography division, both on sale at reduced introductory prices. You can see sample clips at

First, Mystic Craig's Camera. From the early 1950s to mid-1960s, Mystic Craig (William Vagell) shot extensive film in the U.S. and Great Britain, footage that contains a unique historical record of mid-twentieth century magic. Our DVD set includes intensive lecture films teaching dozens of effects, as well as performance clips and home movies.

You'll see Dai Vernon in 1960 performing his classics; Brother Hamman presenting his card feats; U.F. Grant lecturing on his ingenious creations; Jack Miller revealing secrets of sleeving and the hold-out; footage of greats like Kalanag and Levante...there's even a home movie with Cardini (watch smooth operator Vernon stroll away with Swan!).

Second is Early TV Magic: Pioneer Magicians in Vintage Broadcasts. This three-DVD set presents rare footage of magic in television's early years, full of great illusions to study and vintage shows to enjoy. The set features extensive archival videos of Blackstone Sr. with his commanding showmanship and warm humor as he presents his top pieces that made him a star for forty years...some in amazing color footage! (And yes, you'll even see him pitching breakfast cereal for Post in an early commercial!)

You also get Gerrie Larsen's surreal The Magic Lady; two mystery crime pilots for Mandrake the Magician with magician Coe Norton and The Great Merlini; plus little-known shows like Mr. Magic with Norman Jensen and J.J., Fun with Felix, and You Can Do It, Too.

Each is $90 (regular $100) for the 3-DVD set OR order both for a limited time for $85 each. Order yours and enjoy! Visit

Best wishes,
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Postby mrgoat » 05/01/08 04:20 PM

On the first one, actually how long is Vernon performing and which of his classics are done?

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Postby Todd Karr » 05/01/08 07:31 PM

The Dai Vernon segment shows him performing onstage at Tannen's Jubilee in 1960 with musical acccompaniment. It lasts ten minutes and contains his Coins and Glass, coin production routine, Ball and Cone, Cards to Pocket, and Balls and Net.

All this is listed on our site in the Contents section of the Mystic Craig's Camera description with the rest of the set's material, and there's a clip of Vernon performing as well.
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Postby El Mystico » 05/02/08 06:17 AM

It is a fabulous bit of film - while he apologises for being old and out of practise, there is a spark there, and you can really get a sense of how good he must have been in his prime. I think it is one of the best bits of film of him available.
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