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Postby P.T.Widdle » 04/30/08 02:02 PM


I realize many magicians don't like the vanish box that comes with the Strat-o-Sphere trick, but I happen to be need of this particular item. Just wondering if anyone is willing to part with one.


PS - I posted this in Collector's Marketplace, but seeing as this is a Children's Entertainment item, I thought I'd try my luck here as well.
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Postby Spellbinder » 04/30/08 08:03 PM

The Gung-Ho Box is easy to build from hardboard and duct tape, but to me, using it as a vanish device in Strat-o-Sphere always seemed like putting a round peg into a square hole.

Jim Gerrish came up with two better methods of vanishing the Pit Ball, which he includes in his e-Book "Balls to the Walls" which is part of The Wizards' Journal #11. Either one of his methods makes more sense than putting the ball into a cubical box.

But if it is something you feel you really need to use, good luck with the search, or make one yourself as a weekend project. A quick improvement you might want to build in is to NOT use the Gung-Ho arrangement of doors, but the Jack Gwynne Flip-Over Vanish arrangement of doors. Drop the ball in and flip the doors open quickly using just one center hole drilled in the bottom of the box. It makes it look as if you are flipping the box around your finger almost as soon as the ball enters the box... and it's gone. To insure the ball doesn't fly out, try neodymium magnets- one in the ball and one in the door of the box that you want it to adhere to instantly.
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Postby P.T.Widdle » 05/01/08 11:55 AM

I found one in the Collector's Marketplace. I plan on using it to vanish another object. With some minor modifications I think it will be effective for my purposes. I'll be able to show both doors front and back before and after the vanish.

Thanks for the information.
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Postby magicdave » 05/01/08 02:06 PM

Hi P. T.,
I have an extra box I will sell you. It's the yellow one with the joker.
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Postby P.T.Widdle » 05/01/08 03:16 PM

Sorry. Magic Apple already found one for me.

Thank you for the offer.
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Postby Jolly Roger » 05/01/08 06:40 PM

Magic Dave.............are you magic Dave Allen from England, who was in the Blackpool World Championships with me? JR
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Postby Mike Applegate » 05/10/08 05:21 AM

I've got one I don't need. Can you PM me at
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