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Postby Doug Brewer » 04/26/08 11:26 PM

Here's a bit of advice from Bob Lefsetz in The Lefsetz Letter:

"If you want to have a long career, write your own material. Be different, not the same. And don't go on television, it will shorten your tenure."

It's advice to singers contemplating going on American Idol. Lefsetz thinks AI is killing how "success" in music is achieved (or how it's supposed to be achieved).

I often find many analogies in music to magic (both in routining, performance and developing material). Just found this interesting.
The whole article is here: ... rican-idol
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Postby David Alexander » 04/26/08 11:40 PM

An interesting article with, I think, an accurate take on both American Idol and the current state of popular culture.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
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Postby Dave Egleston » 04/27/08 01:36 AM

I'm not nearly as smart as you guys but I think this guy didn't read his article after he wrote it, nor does he have any idea about what he's talking about.

This guy doesn't want to admit that AMERICAN IDOL is a star maker.

We magicians pull the same crap as this guy, we don't like Blain because he mumbles, edits his tricks and lived in a box.

We don't like Criss because he wears make up, edits his tricks and walked on air between buildings.

A majority of lay folks know who those two magicians are simply because they've been on TV,

We magicians love David Copperfield because he looks "Normal", flies with girls in his arms, walks through walls and speaks clearly.

We love Lance because he looks "Normal", produces doves, sword fights with bad guys and speaks clearly.

Very few lay folks under the age of 25 can tell you who they are - They don't perform on TV anymore.

This miscreant is leaning toward "Rockers" and of course those guys don't do TV they do videos - completely different.

Dave Egleston
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Postby Doug Brewer » 04/27/08 02:51 AM

Hi Dave: Actually that's not what my intention was of posting this. I think Blaine and Angel have worked hard to achieve their fame on TV. My point was more that we can achieve just as much success (maybe more) by not worrying about getting on TV, but by being original, and coming up with our own angle. Being a household name would never be something I vote as "success". Creating a unique act, standing ovations, and bringing in a pile of dough would be just as nice :) One thing I will politely disagree with you on is that AI "creates" stars. Really they are in the limelight for such a short time that it would be hard to consider them nothing more than familiar faces. Let's face it, the entire premise of AI is based on how long you can survive within the context of a glorified karaoke format. There's not much time for art, or originality. A few times a glimmer of stardom can shine through, but that person may be gone the next week. I used to love magic on TV, looked forward to it and taped it. But now it just completely bores me - it's not the performers but the format. Magic live I completely dig, it excites me and I can really enjoy the art. That's what the article reinforced for me anyway . . .
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