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Postby Vraagaard » 04/22/08 04:38 AM

Dear Friends,

I'm very fond of rope tricks and has as a normal part of my table hopping repetoire include "The Proffesors Rope Symphony" (Joakim Solbjerg), The amazing acrobatic knot (Daryl), Ring and rope (Eric Decamps, FLIP like with my own twists), Ring and String (Jay Scott Berry). So I'm looking for something that has a very high impact on the audience.

I love Dean Dills effects and perform Nana's Necklace and The Tonight Show Matrix in my close up act. Now I'm looking at "Believe it or Knot" - but would like to hear a review/recommendations. How does it play, does it work in a close up situation - or do you need to stand away from the audience?


Believe it or Knot:

Here's a fun off-beat rope effect:

The magician causes a loop in a rope to turn into a square which he then slides off the rope. The magician does this a second time but this time he links the two squares together. Believe It or Knot is a wonderful addition to any rope routine.

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