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Postby 000 » 04/17/08 12:10 PM

Corindas book 13 steps to mentalism, contained a prediction effect with a slate. Out of 52 alphabet cards, 10 were selected and inserted ( with backs to the audience) at the top of the slate. When the slate is turned around the cards match the prediction written on the slate by the performer....I N C R E D I B L E.
Does anybody know if this effect has, or preferably is currently being manufactured and sold by anyone? Thank you.
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Postby Ross Johnson » 04/17/08 09:42 PM

There are a number of variations of this effect on the market. One that uses a similar method is Magic, Inc.'s "Dr. Rhine Outdone".
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Postby Naphtalia » 04/18/08 01:05 PM

I don't know if it's the same method. At Best Magic in Anaheim, we have a trick called "Spelling Bee." Your description sounds like that.

I'm not working there the next week or so, so can't give you more details, but if you called the shop, anyone there could.

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Postby 000 » 04/18/08 03:29 PM

Thank you both....I just was thinking, such a popular book, someone must have manufactured it
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Postby Necromancer » 04/18/08 05:37 PM

For a more impromptu-looking presentation, you might also want to check out "Khan Artist" on Max Maven's Videomind.

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Postby SIX » 04/19/08 10:59 AM

Try contacting Oz Pearlma, he came up with something very similiar using a dry erase board, its a fantastic effect and a super sneaky method. Plus it is super easy to do. The only problem is he isnt marketing it as of yet, but maybe he will make one for you.

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Postby 000 » 04/19/08 12:08 PM

Thanks...i googled him and had no an e mail from me...thanks again
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 04/19/08 02:11 PM

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Postby 000 » 04/20/08 03:42 AM

Thank you Mr Editor.
Would you by any chance have Corindas e mail, and I could ask him for permission ?( perhaps even to manufacture!) Dont forget its my idea and you read it here first...just kiddin
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Postby 000 » 05/01/08 02:49 AM

Spellin Bee is very similar....without the kicker of having also written down the ( the predicted word) on the board ala Corinda
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Postby The Magic Apple » 05/02/08 02:37 AM

Max's videomind series is incredible and "khan" effect is brilliant

just my 2 cents
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