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Postby retepnap » 04/12/08 01:00 PM

i live in east hampton long island as was just wondering if there are any other magicians around here, i have yet to hear of or see any here, i'm wondering if i'm the only one?
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Postby David Thomas » 07/14/08 09:58 PM

Hey I was in New York on a vacation and we visited a magic shop called fantasma magic shop near Madison Square Garden I think. They have a nice selection of magic and not just fantasma merchandise but the selection of any other decent magic shop plus more. Also World renowned magician Simon Lovell can be found there most of the time and will give you some nice tips and suggestion and show you great moves.
Another great magician found in New York City is Eric Decamps. Just google Eric Decamps or fantasma magic and you should have no problem.

Glad to Help
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David Thomas
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Postby Jim Maloney » 07/14/08 10:11 PM

cardmechanic: While everything you said is true, East Hampton is quite a distance from Manhattan (about 2.5 hours), and I don't think it's exactly what he was looking for. Certainly if you're in Manhattan, you should check out Fantasma, as well as Tannen's, but it's not going to be of much use to someone out in East Hampton.

retepnap: Sorry I can't be of much help. The extent of my knowledge of magic on Long Island only goes out to Nassau County!

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Postby David Thomas » 07/17/08 07:47 PM

Sorry I'm not too familar with the size of long island all I know is that manhattan's on long island so I thought they might be close together! :O
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Postby Matthew Field » 07/19/08 05:55 AM

Manhattan is not on Long Island.

Alan Zola Kronzek lives in Sag Harbor -- a very nice guy and excellent magician who ocasionally performs in the area.

An aside -- about 20 years ago I had a weekend house in East Hampton. I had an interest in something, the BT2, put out by magician Bill Tarr, and his ads gave an East Hampton address, so I called him up and said I'd like to buy one -- could I pick it up from him? He agreed.

I met him at his house, a huge affair where he made some of the large sculptures for which he had achieved great success in the fine arts world. He sold me the item and I spoke to him about the success he'd had with his book, "Now You See It, Now You Don't". He was charming, but I lost touch with him over the years, and he's now passed on.

I later had the pleasure of editing Bill's "The Now You See It, Now You Don't Notebook" for Mr. Kaufman.

I'm over in England now, but sure wish I could order a take out lobster from Gosman's.

Matt Field
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Matthew Field
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Postby THE JONES » 07/19/08 01:17 PM

Thats good to know matt. Manhattan is near long island so you should know what he means. But Sorry retepnap I'm not too familiar with long island.
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Postby Monte » 11/15/08 05:00 AM

I am a member of the Magic Castle in Hollywood California and I will be going to be visiting New York for the first time over several days around the end of November and the first few days of December.

I am looking for magic places of interest to go to in New York and maybe Connecticut where I will also spend the last few days of the trip.

Please send recommendations to

Thank you

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