"Crazy-8" routine

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Postby raj k » 04/09/08 05:19 PM

Dan Harlan's routine, Crazy-8 is a great effect as it stands. Are there any others out there who perform this effect? I've been trying to develop alternative presentations for the method to no avail. Any alternate ideas for this routine? Anything beyond a card routine?

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Postby jerry lazar » 04/09/08 05:52 PM

Yes it's terrific, as is his presentation... He used it as his opener in Magic Castle Closeup room, and it killed... At last weekend's Hank Lee Cape Cod Conclave, the wonderful Sean Farquhar introduced a $20 marketed effect that relies on same principal, using a photo of his own daughter (tho you can use any square image)... It's called TORN 2 PIECES, and can be found here (copy/paste URL): http://www.magichampion.com/Fans%26Frie ... ional.html
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Postby Shawn Farquhar » 06/13/08 06:16 AM

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for the mention. I updated my website and the link you mention is dead ... silly me ...

Just in case someone is looking the new link is: http://www.magichampion.com/backroom.html

Shawn Farquhar

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Postby Pete Biro » 06/13/08 01:06 PM

I just ordered your ambitious card....
Stay tooned.
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