Seeking: Comedy Arm Saw Escape

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Postby tripster » 04/06/08 02:06 PM

This is not the name of the prop. I dk its name. Its an expensive prop where a person locks their arm through a glass cylinder with a saw. The saw will drop and cut off the arm if the person cannot escape in time. Failure seems eminent and the emergency shutoff handle is pulled only to fly off. Other attempts at shutdown fail until the saw visibly cuts off the arm.

What's it called? Is if available?
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Postby Mitch Dutton » 04/06/08 03:54 PM

I beleive this could be a Collector's Workshop item, no longer available. I don't remember the name, either... Guys?

--Mitch Dutton
Mitch Dutton
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Postby JLong » 04/06/08 04:52 PM

Sounds like Power Chopper by Collector's Workshop. They haven't been available for many years. It's a terrific piece if you can find one.

Last retail was $3,250.00

Hope that helps.

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