Injecting Comedy into Card Tricks

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Postby Tys » 03/30/08 01:28 PM

Would like to tap the collective genii brain trust on this.

In a nutshell. I'm funny. I do card tricks. I can't do funny card tricks.

How do you go about injecting comedy into card tricks?

I'm a very witty guy, sort of a dry reactionary humour but due to this i can only say something funny if someone does something and spectating is fairly passive on the whole.

Is the trick to get the humour to be situationally built in to the trick?


p.s. I do realise magic is not comedy and not an excuse to get some laughs, it's just so frustrating and a bit of a waste since i can get laughts normally outside of card tricks.
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Postby Martin Kaplan » 03/30/08 01:38 PM


I think you need to re-examine your belief that "spectating is fairly passive on the whole". Your spectator needs to be involved in the effect, not just be a passive observer. If he or she is involved, then that will afford you opportunities to display your ability to be funny. Additionally, you can script effects that are comedic in nature. Take a look at Wayne Dobson's ECHO as an example. It is a very magical effect and the way he has designed it is also has the potential to be extremely funny.

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Postby JimChristianson » 03/30/08 01:40 PM

That other magazine is doing a Comedy Magic issue in April. Read the article by Ian Keable, then do everything exactly the opposite.
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Postby David Alexander » 03/30/08 04:51 PM

Marty has a good point that is especially true in close-up. Involve your small audience so you can make the humor situational, which is the best kind. You want people laughing at the situation, not at you or at a particular individual.
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Postby Larry Barnowsky » 03/30/08 05:03 PM

Certain effects lend themselves more to comedy than others. A good example would be Harry Lorayne's Pecking Bird. I've used this for decades and it's very funny to perform. People crack up when I place the little blindfold over the bird's eyes. If you have a talent for comedy a trick like that might be just the one to start performing.

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Postby Robinmago » 03/30/08 05:25 PM

You may like also the mechanical animal(or robot,Snoopy,or

whatever,I used the Pink Panther)card effect in The immaculate

card magic of Walt Lees,by L.Ganson.

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Postby Russell Davis » 03/31/08 09:57 PM

"i can only say something funny if someone does something and spectating is fairly passive on the whole."

What if you were to ask particular spectators specific questions?
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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 03/31/08 10:25 PM


could it be that you're missing some of the humor built in due to the contrived actions and situations already there in many routines as written.

Let me turn this card back face down lest...

edited once to tone down the chide into more helpful advice ;)
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Postby SIX » 03/31/08 11:30 PM

Well really it comes down to your character. As a performer are you funny?? Imagine Blaine making a joke, wont fly very well. Maybe you should keep the two seperate becasue its not in your character.

Just decide what you want the audience to think about you. If you want them to laugh then make a joke or two in between effects, simply create small talk and be yourself before moving into the next effect,

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Postby Glenn Godsey » 04/01/08 01:39 AM

Vernon said that magic is inherently funny...I agree with him. He was also saying that too many magicians try to be comedians when they don't have the talent for it.

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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 04/01/08 07:39 AM

Six, the guy already says he knows how to be funny - just not how to get that funny to happen while doing card tricks.
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