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Postby Jared Hunter » 03/29/08 12:21 PM

Greetings everyone!

I've been slowly working my way through Giobbi's Card College, but now I'm struggling with the multiple card top palm he describes early in volume 2. If you're not familiar with it, here's a quick description:

1. Form a little finger break under the cards you want to palm, inserting the outer phalanx so that the back of it contacts the cards at the inner end.
2. Take the deck into end grip.
3. Swing the left little finger outward so that the cards pivot against your middle finger.
4. Apply pressure with the right little finger to begin to lever the cards up into the palm, then square the deck, using the right middle and ring fingers to help press the card into the palm.

I'm confused with regards to the first step. I read "back of the outer phalanx" as meaning the part with the fingernail on it, but looking at the picture and video, it looks like "inner side" might be more accurate. Not sure which is correct. His finger seems to be more alongside the break at the inner end of the deck than actually inserted into it. Anyone know?

I'm also struggling with swinging the left little finger outward when I have my right hand over the deck, but maybe once I get step 1 correct it will be easier.

Does anyone know of any other sources that show or describe a palm like this? The multiple card top palms I've read about elsewhere don't feature the pinky insertion into the break, or the outwards swing. I've seen Giobbi demonstrate it quickly on video, but from an unhelpful angle.

Thanks for any tips or other help you can offer.

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Postby Richard Kaufman » 03/29/08 12:54 PM

It reads like a combination of Vernon's Topping the Deck with the pinky movement from the Erdnase Top Palm.
The description is accurate--yes, what he calls the "outer phalanx" should be "phalange," this is one closest to the fingertip.
It depends on the size and shape of your pinky, but it's irrelevant to the sleight: just stick your pinky way into the break so the back or outer side of it presses against the inner right corner of the block of cards. Then swing your pinky to the right, moving the block. Press down with your right little finger and up they go. You can also use your left pinky to raise the packet.
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