Norman Beck Lecture-Chicago Area This Friday 3/28

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Postby Tom Dobrowolski » 03/24/08 09:23 AM

On This Friday, March 28 at 7pm, Midwest Magic is proud to
present a Chicagoland exclusive...

Norman Beck...and his "BECK WITH A DECK" LECTURE

After seeing Norm Becks magic lecture at The Magic
Castle last week, Max Maven said it was one of the
best lectures he has seen: funny, clever, skillful,
and very well presented! You can't get a better
reference than that!
For those of you who don't yet know him, Mr. Beck
resides in Dallas, Texas. He has been involved in
magic since the age of nine and doing it for money
since the age of fifteen. He currently writes for
M-U-M and has had his tricks published in many magic

Rather than tell what the lecture is and spoil it,
Norm would like to point out what ) the lecture IS

* It is not a dealer lecture.
* It is not a lecture you need to buy the notes to get
value from it.
* It is not a lecture of magic theory
* It is not a lecture of variations of other people's
* It s not a lecture of finger flinging.

In short: "The bulk of the lecture is doing magic for
REAL people in REAL situations." Tickets are $20 and
seating in order of reservation, so call today!

Midwest Magic
9706 Franklin Av.
Franklin Park, IL 60131

Coming Up:
Monday, April 7 at 7pm--Curtis Kam in a rare mainland lecture.
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Postby The Magic Apple » 03/25/08 01:59 AM

This is a GREAT lecture if you are in the Chicago area, you gotta go!!! He came to Studio City a while back it was really a fun lecture!
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Postby Tom Dobrowolski » 03/28/08 09:27 AM

Remember it's tonight !!
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Postby Bob Farmer » 03/28/08 12:01 PM

I saw Norman lecture last year and he was great.
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Postby Harry Entwistle » 04/03/08 09:48 AM

I was thinking about driving down to Chicago to see his lecture on the 7th, but I've never seen Curtis Kam perform in person. I have his Palms of Steel 2 dvd. For anyone who has seen his lecture is it worth driving 632 miles one way?
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Postby George Olson » 04/03/08 02:34 PM


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