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Postby magicbymaddux » 03/18/08 09:05 PM

I am going to be performing Topsy Turvy Bottles at my IBM rings magic show and had another magician help me make it into a really good trick (with an ending!). I was wondering if anyone else had any ideas for this trick that might be of use for me in my performance? I end the trick with making a wine glass appear in the tube. If anyone has any ideas that might further my routine, they would greatly be appreciated.


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Postby magicbymaddux » 03/19/08 10:59 AM

I would love some suggestions on what I can say and do to make the trick funnier
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Postby Dale Shrimpton » 04/09/08 06:53 AM

The thing is with effects like the topsy turvy bottle,do as i do ect, is to make it look like the magician is screwing up, and not the spectator.

doing this simple thing, should extract more humour from the effect.

and if you say at the end something like..."I ended up with egg all over my face", or "i feel like a lemon" then produce the item mentioned from the tube, you should get a good reaction.
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Postby Brad Henderson » 04/24/08 03:46 PM

John Ferrentino had an interesting ending which was published in one of the NY MAgic Symposiums.
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Postby Spellbinder » 04/24/08 09:44 PM

My routine used two differently colored bottles, which for kids was a brown root beer bottle and an orange soda bottle. The bottles were filled with real liquids, which made the idea of the usual gaff seem impossible (to magicians, at least). The advantage of this was that I started by having the kid helping me choose one of the bottles, and then made it seem as if he chose the "normal" bottle and left me with the topsy-turvey bottle, so half-way through the act I would ask him to change bottles, but now the other bottle took on the topsy-turvey qualities. I ended by changing the bottles into cans of soda. I like Dale's suggestion, however, and if performing it today, I would opt for changing the root beer bottle into a can of root beer soda, but the orange soda would turn into a real orange which would create a better contrast.
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Postby kendavis » 05/10/08 04:39 PM

Great approach Dale! Lets add one more move. After a couple of attempts pull out a white silk scarf out of the tube and wipe your forehead in frustration. Produce the egg or lemon for a closing.

Let's hear some more ideas.
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Postby Larry Barnowsky » 05/11/08 06:16 PM

The best and most deceptive set of Topsy Turvy Bottles were made by Abbott. They did not use any shell. The big difference was the entire bottle could be pulled out of the tube each time and the tube could be shown empty any time as well. You might see these on Ebay or at a used magic auction site. They are very well made and better IMO than the Grant type bottles.

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Postby Pete Biro » 05/12/08 04:18 PM

Larry is right... I wouldn't use ANY other than Abbott's.
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Postby GAMOLO » 05/12/08 05:44 PM

A bit I have done that has always gotten a laugh is to purchase from a Spencer Gifts type store or a "head" shop one of those super long extended neck soda pop bottles, either paint it the same color as the others or fill the bottle up with the same soda as you are employing.

I hide this between my legs behind the magic table and after the basic routine has concluded I stick my finger in one of the bottles and then for a second drop the bottle beneath eye level and switch bottles with my finger now placed in the extra neck bottle. I place bottle between my legs so kids can't see the true length and start saying my finger is stuck and with exaggerated effort as I keep pulling up on my finger I slowly release & expose alittle bit more of the neck from between my legs and slowwwwwly pull it out & up to its full height. The kids love it as it appears I have stretched the bottle and now have a "finale" for the effect.
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Postby Wacko » 05/26/11 11:50 PM

There is an all new Topsy Turvy Soda Bottles on the market..

It's done with REAL half liter Coke PLASTIC Coke bottles...

Most of the major magic suppliers have it.. but you can also order direct from the manufacturer.

it's had universally good reviews from the cafe.. and most everyone who's ever bought one!

For those that have done the routine with the glass bottles.. it takes some getting used to the new props.. but you can give the bottles away at the end... and you can't break them in transit.. or if they fall off your table.
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Postby David Acer » 05/28/11 01:36 PM

Rick Bronson is a comedian from Canada with a background in magic who closed his act with Topsy Turvy (a.k.a. Tricky) Bottles for years. He doesn't do much stand-up anymore (he now owns and operates an outstanding, high-end comedy club in Edmonton called Rick Bronson's Comic Strip, along with an equally outstanding, if slightly newer club in the Mall of America), but his comedy earned him several C.O.C.A. (College Association) Comedian of the Year awards and a couple of national TV specials. In 2005, he published his Tricky Bottles routine in a small booklet I wrote called "7 by Rick Bronson," which you can still find kicking around at a few magic shops.
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