Magic Tricks in Make Magazine

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Postby Bill Mullins » 03/18/08 01:10 PM

The current issue of Make Magazine is magic themed, with instructions on how to build your own version of a number of tricks; an article on John Gaughan; an article on patented magic tricks; and a bunch more.
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Postby Dave V » 03/18/08 02:35 PM

I've never even heard of Make Magazine before this. Thanks.
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Postby Brian Glicker » 03/19/08 07:29 PM

I saw it for the first time on Saturday. This issue is wonderful. There's even a list of "cool things" by the master of cool, John Lovick.
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Postby The Magic Apple » 03/19/08 11:22 PM

HOw can THe Magic APple carry this magazine?
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Postby Bob Postelnik » 03/19/08 11:43 PM

Try calling: 866-289-8847
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Postby David » 03/21/08 09:47 PM

It also shows how to build a bucket joint.
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Postby Gord » 03/24/08 08:02 PM

When I saw this magazine on it's website, I went "Oh look, a magazine for kids that is teaching them to make some magic tricks. How nice."
When I got an issue into my grubby hands and opened it, the first page it went to was on how to make a fireball shooter, I went "what kind of sick person would teach a kid this stuff."
Ok, I get it now, it's not a magazine for kids, but still really, really interesting.

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Postby curtisk » 03/26/08 08:03 PM

I've been a subscriber since the start, as a techie on multiple levels this magazine is a dream come true. Yes, when the magic issue showed up I was smiling from ear to ear! Some classics, some modern illusions and a great article with Gaughan!

Also I appreciate the fact that it's the 13th issue and they cover 13 tricks :)

Even though this is a magic themed issue, the magazine is great for consistent high and low tech DIY projects, creative thought and know-how that can very often lend itself handily to the realm of conjuring and deception...I would just advise a subscription as it is a quarterly periodical that weighs in at $14.99 newsstand price (sorry to "plug" another mag) Subscription is around $35 a year
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Postby Eoin O'hare » 03/27/08 11:00 AM

You might be interested to know that the current issue of MAKE is all about magic. John Gaughan interview
There is a ton of stuff!

Also from the previous issue- Martin Gardner
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Postby Eoin O'hare » 03/27/08 12:28 PM

I just tested the above links and they stop half way through the articles!

(you get a subscription application form when you try to read further)

To read the rest-

John Gaughan 2

Martin Gardner 2

Use the arrows to advance the pages on all the links.
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Postby Robert Allen » 04/14/08 10:24 PM

Note the cover of issue #13. Makezine is a magazine which advocates the laudable goal of 'Build something, anything.' and it looks like they've done a magic issue.

I haven't read the issue, but interesed parties might want to pick one up. I suppose some will get worked up over "exposure" and maybe, maybe not, it's fair, but that's not my intent in posting this. Who knows, it might make more people producing interesting effects.
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Postby Jim Maloney » 04/14/08 11:22 PM

Just an FYI -- There were a few threads dealing with the magic issue of Make Magazine. I've merged them all together here.

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Postby Robert Allen » 04/15/08 10:12 PM

Thanks Jim! I should have searched before posting :)
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