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Postby Pete McCabe » 03/12/08 01:02 PM

I have been giving free shipping anywhere in America to customers of Scripting Magic, as an introductory offer to get the word out. This offer will run out at the end of March, so if you want to take advantage of it, now's the time.

Through March 31st get Scripting Magic for the $40 list price delivered anywhere in the US by priority mail. Beginning April 1st that will cost $40 + $5 shipping = $45. (The International price will not change: $40 + 10 shipping = $50.) You can Pay by paypal to and I'll try to get your book out the next day.

I am reprinting the book, so if you don't have the book and want a first edition, get one soon. If you do have the book, please let me know if you have spotted a typo or have an update to a credit.

Here's the usual ad copy if you're interested. Even if you're not interested, here it is.

Scripting Magic
by Pete McCabe and 26 Other Guys

45 scripts, 13 essays, 7 interviews, and 1 flowchart to make you a better magician

The greatest resource on scripting magic ever created. Make your magic better without learning any new tricks or moves. Make it more effective, more magical, more powerful, more convincing, funnier, smarter, more dramatic -- anything you want. Scripting Magic has how-to essays, interviews, and complete, professional scripts for 29 classic tricks -- tricks you already do. Scripts thatll get you the reaction you always dreamed of. Gasps of Astonishment. Laughter. Dramatic emotion. Whatever you want from your magic, scripting can help you get it.

Interviews and scripts from 26 contributors
How to write scripts: step by step, from setting up the margins in your word processor, to punching up even the most basic script until it really sings.
Tips for avoiding common scripting problems.
How to create and establish a unique character the audience will likeyou.
Ways to create original presentations without writing a complete script

Contributions from 26 of Magics greatest thinkers and performers
Michael Ammar, Jon Armstrong, Bruce Barnett, Rafael Benatar, Eugene Burger, Michael Close, Bob Farmer, Paul Green, Eric Henning, Guy Hollingworth, Larry Jennings, Mark Joerger, Kenton Knepper, Jonathan Levit, John Lovick, Max Maven, Eric Mead, San ONill, Gary Ouellet, David Regal, Jim Steinmeyer, Vic Sussman, Jamy Ian Swiss, Teller, Joe M. Turner, and Larry White.

Includes scripts for 29 classic tricks
Coins Across, Torn and Restored Card, The Invisible Deck, Gypsy Thread, Card to Pocket, The Add-A-Number Prediction, Triumph, The Trick that Fooled Einstein, The Southwest Miracle, Magicians Choice, The Self-Cutting Banana, Gemini Twins, The 41-Cent Miracle, The Open Prediction, The Dark Card, Hot Rod, Svengali Deck, Chop Cup, The Koornwinder Kar, The $100 Bill Switch, The Eleven Card Trick, UnDo Influence, The Thumbtip Silk Vanish, Wild Card, The Business Card Prophesy, Two in the Hand, One in the Pocket, Ive Got a Surprise for You, The Ace Assembly, and Out of This World.

Here are some quotes.

A wonderfuland lengthyread. McCabe links it all together with a delightful and dextrous, witty writing style I found this book an absolute delight.

Buy Pete McCabe's book. (This is a bit out of context, but still.)
Andrew Martin

So far, its a great book.
Al Doty

The first magic book Ive ever had that mentions the Avogadro number.
Joe M. Turner

What a great book!
Charlie Randall

Should be on the shelf of any performer who speaks.
Quentin Reynolds

Scripting Magic is GREATstill working through it.
Steve Go

It is absolutely one of the best magic books I have read in a long, long time. It's nice to read something by someone who is actually a writer.
Doug Brewer

If this is your work, thank you. If not, you should get this book, at the very least because it's written by someone with the same name, and because it WILL improve your magic.
Magic Mike Segal

A really, really great read, and in many ways an important book. I laughed aloud several times, which is always a bonus.
Joshua Jay

Very necessary and one of a kind.
Bob Fitch
Pete McCabe
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