What is the Best Trick for Kids?

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Postby Guest » 07/10/07 08:26 AM

Just wanted to make all the refugees from the Emerald City (you know that Green Place) feel at home and to thank Mr. Kaufman for giving us Kidshow and Family entertainers a safe haven.
Hopefully we will be able to raise the bar on the discussion of this topic and not be inundated with inane posts like "What's the Best Opening Effect" or "I've got a show in twenty minutes, what should I do?".
Who knows, we might even be able to speak the unspeakable word of Kidabra (a word it seems second only to MacBeth in its strange and supernatural power in the theatre world) without having the powers that be shut down the thread.

Postby Guest » 07/10/07 08:49 AM

"What is the Best Trick for Kids?" might better be stated as "How do you make the little suckers disappear?" I have six of them and they keep coming back, dragging their kids with them..hehe..

The nice thing about being here at Genii is that we may ask that question and expect to get good answers that are not just deleted by management.
For example, a contrasting question might be, "What is the Worst Trick for Kids?" I doubt seriously if you would get away with responding, "Coin Through Condom" on the Green place; just that mention would get it deleted. It is not a bad bar trick (a la Dental Dam), but might raise more than eyebrows in a school show...(no puns intended...haha)...

Looking forward to suggested performance pieces for kids that include reasons why they are the "Best" tricks for kids...


Postby Guest » 07/10/07 10:50 AM

"Who knows, we might even be able to speak the unspeakable word of Kidabra'

Yes indeed, Payne! There may be some people over here who do not know what you are talking about. I will give you an example. Back in December 2006, I suggested over on the other place that there might be room for another convention in the United States based on the creative side of entertaining children. Some of the powers that be got so protective of "Kidabra" that they closed down the thread, and banned your truly! The strange thing about it is that I have never attended Kidabra, and I never said a bad word about it. I was simply suggesting another convention, possible to be held in Arizona, at a different time of year. I have even had a nice letter of support for this idea from Mark Daniel, the founder of Kidabra. I do not wish this new area to turn into a beating up on the Magic Cafe, as that serves no useful purpose. However, I will say that it is events like the one I have just described which have made many children's entertainers dissillusioned with that particular dining establishment. Let us hope that some of the good posters will learn that Richard has been so gracious as to give us this area on his forum! Spread the word! JR

Postby Guest » 07/18/07 08:22 PM

It's simple, this forum is of a higher class...so of course it can stand to have professional issues discussed!
As you know, Roger, I highly encourage a new entertainer's "round up" in the Southwest....

Postby Guest » 07/18/07 09:00 PM

Hello Chris! Some of you may not be aware of this, but Chris is probably the most sought after children's entertainer in the mid-west of the United States. He has a wonderfully creative mind, and, unlike yours truly, he is also a very modest fellow! I believe he was principal of one of the nation's premier art schools for a while. Good to have you on board, Chris!! How are your library shows going? I am having a crazy summer, with three or 4 shows every day!! JR

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