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Postby Guest » 08/27/07 12:46 PM

I am off to Beijing for the week. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Postby Guest » 08/27/07 01:36 PM

Yeah, don't eat any pet food. :p

Postby Guest » 08/28/07 12:56 AM

The irony of it all. It will be okay for me to eat my PET while I am in Beijing but NOT my pet's food...what a cruel, cruel world!

Postby Guest » 08/28/07 01:27 AM

Tell them you're checking on the advance arrangements for FISM :)

Postby Richard Kaufman » 08/28/07 08:04 AM

Don't drink the water.

Use bottled water to drink.

Use bottled water to brush your teeth.

Keep your mouth shut in the shower.

Don't eat any salad or produce.

Make sure they don't put ice cubes in your drinks!

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Postby Guest » 08/28/07 08:17 AM

Get a tailor-made suit.....opie

Postby Guest » 08/28/07 02:31 PM

Don't lick any children's toys.

Or children either.

Aren't you glad you asked?

Postby Guest » 08/28/07 03:41 PM

After you eat, be prepared to be hungry again an hour later........thanks and good night. :p

Postby Guest » 08/30/07 12:49 AM

"The lack of potable tap water, along with chronic traffic jams and filthy air, is a key problem facing Beijing officials as they try to give the Chinese capital a complete facelift with about 500,000 foreign visitors expected for the 17-day Olympics..

The other prong involves a campaign to improve human behaviour: teaching people to line up, coaxing taxi drivers to be more polite, and getting everyone to curtail the habit of spitting."

Spitting - no lines -- rude people -- sounds exactly like FISM

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