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Postby Guest » 07/19/07 07:08 AM

I read somewhere - I don't remember where - that a new magic shop was to open in Indianapolis. I'll be visiting Carmel, IN next month. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

Postby Guest » 07/19/07 08:32 AM

That would be news to me and I live right outside Indy in the Greenwood area. There are several other magicians from around this area on this board who may know. I hope one could reply with any information.

We do have Circle City Magic (Chris Wilcox) who posts here often. It is an internet only business at this time unless they have changed formats. For now they are the best source locally in my opinion.

Postby Guest » 07/19/07 11:35 AM

I remembered where I saw this. In a posting in October 2006 on another forum it was mentioned that FAB Magic of Colon MI would be looking to open a new store in the Indianapolis area in Spring of 2007.

Once I remembered who it was I called FAB Magic and spoke to a nice gentleman (Rick Fisher perhaps). He told me they have not opened one yet but are still looking for a suitable and affordable location and hope to open in the fall.

Brian - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you


Postby Guest » 07/19/07 04:07 PM

Ha, now that you mention it I have heard this kicked around at my local SAM club. Thanks for reminding me.

Postby Mark Ratekin » 07/19/07 04:33 PM

Interesting turn of events...I was in Michigan earlier this week on a little R&R with my family, and I made my first trip to Colon. We visited both Abbott's and FAB (and did some damage to the bank account at both shops). I spent a good portion of time talking to Rick Fisher about his plans for Indy; they are still looking for sites, but the shop will likely be outside of downtown (as the rent is pretty cost prohibitive). He didn't have a firm time when they planned to open, but he's spent considerable time in the area scoping out the area. Rick was as nice as could be, and his workmanship is, in my opinion, impressive - he clearly cares about the quality of the product.

I'm excited that we might have a real dedicated bricks-and-mortar shop in town again. I would agree with Brian that Chris' shop is great for web-based sales, but nothing really beats hanging out at a store exchanging ideas and learning from others. Alas, I'm fearful that these days are numbered, which is extremely unfortunate.

Take care -

Mark Ratekin
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Postby Guest » 07/19/07 07:27 PM

The only other place we had close after Stoners Funstore closed its last doors was Funtyme Magic in Nashville IN. Stoners had a magic counter, but the guy in there was always nice, didn't do magic however. Funtyme was a hangout for me for a while and I used to belong to the IBM ring which met there. I know Ed Williams is still doing internet sales again but another brick and mortar shop gone is kind of sad. Have I ever met you Mark? Do you attend the clubs around Indy, either IBM or SAM?

Postby Mark Ratekin » 07/20/07 03:24 AM

Hi, Brian -

I'm a member of SAM #31, though my attendance at meetings is hit-or-miss. I did attend the Tyler Wilson/Andi Gladwin lecture, and I'm hoping to attend the Paul Cummins lecture in August. I hope to meet you at a future event.

Thanks -

Mark Ratekin
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Postby Guest » 07/21/07 06:48 AM

Mark -

Could you tell me when Paul Cummins will be lecturing in Indiana and who I should contact to reserve tickets? I will be in Indiana in August and would like to see his lecture since I missed him when he was in Baltimore MD.

Many thanks -


Postby Guest » 07/21/07 07:07 AM

On Thursday, August 9 at 7 pm, Midwest Magic is proud to present ANOTHER Chicagoland exclusive:

Paul Cummins--Do You Do FASDIU? Tour FASDIU is an acronym for "...from a shuffled deck in
use..." and is the basis for my current lecture. All the card routines performed and taught in the lecture may be done with any deck of cards handed to you by anyone, anytime. There are no complicated set-ups or
pre-arrangements, and, with the exception of one
routine, there are no gaffs involved. In fact, in the one routine that does use gaffs you may start and end with a clean borrowed deck and the gaffs are introduced openly, and without sleights. In fact, the routine is built so that your audience may inspect the
principle cards! The routines in the lecture range in skill level from
nearly self-working to some that are rather
challenging. Also included in the lecture, and in the lecture notes, are some coin routines. I use all of these routines professionally - many of them have been in my repertoire for over 20 years while doing bar
magic, strolling magic, and table-hopping. I use allof the routines socially too - you don't need a tux, topit, sleeves, pulls or any other apparatus, just the borrowed, shuffled deck!
The format of the lecture is as follows: I will
perform a set of routines, usually about 5 or 6 items.
Then, of course, I explain how the tricks are
performed, including those tips that can only come
from years of having performed the routines in real
life working situations. During the break, I will
stroll through the lecture audience performing a stand
up coin routine that is not acceptably performed while
standing in front of the group. After the break, I'll
perform another set of routines and explain them as
well. The lecture usually takes just over two hours,
sometimes a bit longer. I can shorten it if necessary
for a convention venue in which an hour to an hour and
a half is standard.

This is not a dealer show, in fact since all the
routines (with few exceptions) are performed with any
deck and/or real coins, I do not have tables and
tables full of bagged items to sell. I do have the
lecture notes and a few related items for sale. Every
routine that I perform at the lecture will be fully
explained with no exceptions!

Tickets are $20. Call 847-455-4288 for a reservation.

Midwet Magic
9706 Franklin Av.
Franklin Park, IL 60131

Postby Charles McCall » 07/21/07 09:36 AM

I read this chain because I grew up in Frankfort with Woody Carpenter as my mentor. After he was sure I was serious, he introduced me to Duke Stern who then shared the onerous duty of keeping an adolescent neophyte on a right track, I loved to hang out at the old Abbotts branch shop, upstairs in the English Hotel, and then later at Duke's New Novelty Shop. Those experiences can't be duplicated by DVDs! Indianapolis deserves a walk - in shop!
Charles McCall
Charles McCall
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Postby Mark Ratekin » 07/21/07 06:37 PM

Hi, Courtney -

According to the DoubleD Lecture Tour site (, Paul will lecture in Indy on August 8. I've not heard any details yet - you might want to contact Aaron DeLong or Jason Dean via the website for details. If I hear of any further info, I'll post it here.

Take care -

Mark Ratekin
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Postby Guest » 07/21/07 07:12 PM

Go to this link. It is for our combined clubs. I don't know of tickets in advance, they usually have enough room to just show up and pay at the door.

Indy Magic

Postby Guest » 07/22/07 05:34 PM

Brian and Mark -

Thank you very much for the information. I will likely be able to make it.

Maybe they'll give a prize for the person who traveled the furthest to attend the lecture. :D


Postby rickfishercolon » 05/14/10 07:23 PM

Just an FYI - we are still planning on opening branches of FAB - Indianapolis is at the top of our list. Other branches to follow: Sites we are looking at, Phoenix and Dallas. They say I am crazy to open shops in this economic environment of ours but I believe there is real potential here...stay tuned!
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Postby Greg McNeil » 08/04/10 08:25 PM

Anonymous wrote:That would be news to me and I live right outside Indy in the Greenwood area. There are several other magicians from around this area on this board who may know. I hope one could reply with any information.

We do have Circle City Magic (Chris Wilcox) who posts here often. It is an internet only business at this time unless they have changed formats. For now they are the best source locally in my opinion.

Not any more they aren't. Chris Wilcox has apparently closed up shop and seems to be avoiding contact with those who he has left hanging with unfilled orders.

I have been waiting for over a year for a resolution to an order I placed with Circle City Magic in June of 2009. The item was out of stock, but when I placed the order I got the usual confirmation notice in my email saying the order had been processed. It didn't include any notation that the item was unavailable, so I assumed all was well. I waited a few months without worrying about making contact because (a) I wasn't in a hurry to obtain the item,(b) the item might be hard to obtain and it seemed possible that Chris would have been waiting on a back order, and (c) I was under the impression that Chris was having some health issues that prevented him from making a prompt reply.

When I did contact Chris, he informed me that the item I ordered was unavailable and offered an alternative which was somewhat comparable, but not the same thing. Sometimes we want certain things because they need to match our existing equipment, so I wasn't too keen on accepting the substitution. I decided to wait and see if the original item would eventually become available.

Finally in June of 2010 I emailed Chris to say that I would accept the substitute item. After several weeks now with no response, I sent a message through the contact form on their web site. Now it's been several days and I still haven't received any response to that attempt at communication.

Today I called their phone number, 317-502-1075. The call went to an answering machine so I left a message that I would like to resolve this long standing unfulfilled order and just get my money back. I am hoping for a return call and a speedy refund to my PayPal account. It's only $26.95 so it's not cutting into my budget, but obviously I don't care to have this unresolved issue hanging for any longer. I have found, however, through doing some research, that it seems unlikely I'll ever get my money back.

Apparently all communication and feedback from/to Circle City Magic (circlecitymagic) on eBay ceased as of about May 9, 2010. And there have been a dozen negative feedbacks posted since September of 2009 and as recently as May of 2010. These feedbacks are pretty much all comments about having paid for merchandise but not received the orders and problems with communication. Unfortunately this history of failing to ship orders and neglecting to communicate with customers will ruin a business more certainly than just about anything else.

The lessons to be learned here are twofold. First, if you're a customer, never let up on a dealer. If you order something and it doesn't arrive in a reasonable period of time, stay on it. Don't be patient. It's your money, and if the dealer can't/won't send the item in a timely manner, he should send your money back, no questions asked, no excuses, right now. Stay on it. A good business can turn into a bad one very quickly. And PayPal, your bank, or your credit card company can't help you after a certain time has passed.

And second, if you're a dealer, you need to understand that the magic business is a very small world. If you don't communicate with your customers, if you neglect to fill your orders, and if you don't provide refunds instantly when there is a problem with your part of a transaction, you won't last long. Word gets around. And in this day and age when there are a hundred dealers on the Internet who would be happy to accept the money and send the goods, nobody is so special that they're immune to going out of business.

Greg McNeil
Peoria, Illinois USA
Greg McNeil
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Postby Greg McNeil » 08/05/10 10:44 AM

Chris has provided a full refund and a sincere apology for the problem we had with my order. Life moves one direction... forward. Thanks, Chris.
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Postby Mikebestfun » 12/20/10 04:54 PM

I own the Store front magic store in Indianapolis,Indiana. The address is 8416 Brookville road, Indianapolis,Indiana, 46239. Our phone # is 317-356-2378. Please let me know how I can help you with your magic needs.
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