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Postby Guest » 11/29/04 05:37 PM

Any one from Alaska, specifically Anchorage area?

Postby Guest » 01/06/05 03:53 PM

Do a search in the Genii forum directory for Bradley Morgan, he lives in Anchorage; I have not met him personally, however, I have emailed him several times via The Magic Cafe, he seems to be a very nice person; I travel to Anchorage every 3 months, and he has always offered to get together with me and the other local magicians, I just have not been able to do it, maybe this coming March;

Postby Guest » 01/19/05 07:33 PM

I'm from Anchorage. Brad is a good friend of mine. He's a real nice guy and a great magician, although he'd probably blush to read this.

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