Los Angeles Magic Shops?

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Postby Guest » 06/05/07 08:07 AM

I will be in L.A. later this month; can you recommend some magic shops? Thanks.

Postby Martin Kaplan » 06/05/07 08:32 AM

The two that immediately come to mind are Hollywood Magic located on Hollywood Boulevard. It is a ten minute walk from The Magic Castle. Additionally, the newest shop in town is The Magic Apple. The owner posts frequently here and I imagine that he will respond to you, also.

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Postby Pete Biro » 06/05/07 11:17 AM

Marty... How could you forget Dean Dill's Shoppe in Glendale? Better than any magic shop. (Open Wed. thru Sat. starting around 1:00 pm).
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Pete Biro
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Postby Guest » 06/05/07 11:10 PM

Yes, I am going to post!
THe Magic Apple in Studio CIty is the place for new items, great parking, amazing customer service and is about 15 minutes from the Castle

(dean's is an AMAZING place for hangin' and jammin' too)

Ignore the place on Hollywood Blvd... (he he he)

Postby Guest » 06/06/07 11:34 PM

Just so an out-of-towner doesn't misunderstand, The Magic Apple is 15 minutes away from The Magic Castle by car. But very easy to reach.

Postby Guest » 06/06/07 11:59 PM

Yes, very easy to reach.

You can easily make it in fifteen minutes, but, that all depends on which way you are going. Traffic can make the trip longer.

The magic apple is a much more sociable place compared to hollywood magic. Definitely check it out and hang out for a while.

Postby Guest » 06/07/07 01:36 AM

Thanks everyone for their input. It's definately going to help my planning of my trip. Really hope to learn, get something new when I am over there. Thanks all you guys! Please continue to input on places to go, visit etc.. sure would help!

thanks once again!


Postby Guest » 07/19/07 09:20 AM

It's about a half hour to an hour from the Magic Castle, but Best Magic in Anaheim is also worth checking out if you get the chance. Great selection, and knowledgable staff - I should know, I work there occasionally as a fill-in person.

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