Visiting San Antonio, Tx for 6 weeks

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Postby Jason England » 07/22/05 07:04 PM

I'll be in San Antonio, TX from 25 July to 2 Sep.

Anything to do magic or card related while I'm there?

I'm busy M-F in the daytime, but should have most evenings and weekends free.

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Postby Richard Hatch » 07/22/05 07:41 PM

Jason, you should really stay through the Labor Day weekend as the annual convention of the Texas Association of Magicians (TAOM) will be there Sept 2-5th. It often rivals the national conventions in talent and this year looks like that will be the case with Eugene Burger, Bob Sheets, Steve Beam, Richard Turner (who lives in San Antonio, I believe) and many others performing and lecturing. For more info on that go to
San Antonio is a beautiful city with a rich history, but if you run out of things to do, Humble is an easy 4 hour drive!
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Postby Jason England » 07/22/05 08:58 PM


I spoke with Gary Plants about visiting him in Houston while I'm in.

I'd love to drop by H & R and see some of your Erdnase collection and research. I was even thinking of bringing my first edition down with me so that we can look it over.

I'll call you in a week or so when I know more about my schedule. Staying an extra 3 days may be doable.

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Postby George Olson » 07/23/05 09:02 AM

It's a different kind of "magic" but, if it's still there, you should visit Dirty Dicks on river walk!

There's one in San Diego too.

Remember the Alamo!

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Postby BlueEyed Videot » 07/23/05 12:05 PM


If you want to see the best comedy and magic troup, drive up the 35 to Austin, and see Ray Anderson at Esther's Follies on 6th street. You don't like the show, I will personally refund your ticket, that's how sure I am you'll enjoy yourself.

Check 'em out Here.

You will see:
1. The most side-splitting Thin-model Sawing.
2. The most beautiful Dancing Cane.
3. The best Jumbo Sidekick Routine, bar none.

C'mon up!

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Postby ADG » 07/23/05 10:34 PM

Hello Jason, I will drop you an email next week. What follows are some of reasons to stick around for the 2005 TAOM Convention in San Antonio, Texas during the Labor Day weekend.
HOST HOTEL: Hilton Palacio Del Rio by Riverwalk
THEATER: Lila Cockrell Theatre across from Hotel
3 STAGE SHOWS: Eric Evans,Chris Capehart,Nacho Estrada,Dave King,Duane Laflin,Tom Burgoon,George Saterial,Stoile & Ekaterina,Gene Anderson,Bob Sheets,Nels Cremean,Rick Walker,Danny Cole,Arthur Trace,Mahka Tendo...
CLOSE UP SHOWS:Eugene Burger,Richard Turner,Chris Capehart,Steve Beam,Bob Sheets..
TEN LECTURES: Harry Allen,Duane Laflin,Eugene Burger,Chris Capehart,Steve Beam,Tom Burgoon,Gene Anderson,George Saterial,Bob Sheets,Mahka Tendo...
BIZARRE MAGIC SHOW: Eugene Burger,Paul Mims,Doug Gorman,Rolando Medina,Brad Henderson,Bill Palmer.
CONTACT: Don Moravits:(210)
HOTEL CONTACT: 1-800-445-8667...mention TAOM
Hope you can make it!
Alex D. Gutierrez
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