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Postby Guest » 12/20/06 02:21 AM

The 2006 Canadian Close-Up Lecture Tour series is proud to present:
The Allan Ackerman Workshop

One of Ed Marlo's foremost students, ALLAN ACKERMAN is a master of sleight of hand and has been using it to entertain audiences worldwide for over 30 years. Allan's books have been hailed worldwide as masterpieces, and his Advanced Card
Control DVD series is one of the best-selling collections of all time.

Now Allan is bringing his expertise to you with a workshop custom designed to meet YOUR wants and needs. Before the workshop begins you and Allan will discuss what you want to learn, and Allan will devote time to teaching you not only his innovative techniques, but also the finesses and touches that you won't learn anywhere else. Allan will also spend time working on some very deceptive Deck Switches , False Deals, fantastic Bottom Palm Technique, and Deck Management. In short, if you have any interest in card magic, this is a workshop you don't want to miss!

Toronto 1- Friday January 5th, 2006 starting at 6:30 p.m
Toronto 2- Saturday January the 6th, 2006 starting at 5:00 p.m.
Location for both- 399 Glengrove Ave West (subject to change)

Buffalo- Sunday January the 7th, 2006
Location and Time to be announced Shortly

Ottawa- Wednesday January the 10th, 2006
Location and Time to be announced Shortly

New York- Saturday January the 13th, 2006 starting at 4:30 p.m.
Location- Tannen's Magic INC, 45 West 34th Street, Suite 608

Duration: 4 Learning filled Hours!

For more info, registration, and any questions or concerns you might have email me at Nordatrax@yahoo.com as soon as possible!

Postby Guest » 12/20/06 11:28 PM

Unfortunately, my website has crashed. Luckily, a temporary site is up that allows you to register for the workshop!

Head to http://www.BenTrain.ca and check out the Canadian Close-Up Tour section, at the top of the page.

Thanks to everyone who has emailed me with interest!


Postby Guest » 12/21/06 09:53 PM


it should read 2007, not 2006!!!

There is still time to sign up. Hurry though, Its only about 2 weeks away!

Also, The OTTAWA workshop is on Tuesday the 9th (2007), not Wednesday the 10th.

If any mods could implement these changes, it would be much appreciated!

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