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Postby Tom Dobrowolski » 11/14/05 08:08 AM

Hope to see anyone in or around this area there...

On Saturday aftenoon, November 19 at 2 p.m., Midwest
Magic will host the creator of the IN THE HANDS WILD
CARD, Tom Dobrowolski, with a FREE workshop on the
handling of the trick. To take advantage of this
offer, just bring your disc (or we'll happily sell you
one). Tom's IN THE HANDS WILD CARD is getting rave
reviews! Here are just some of them...

"I've always felt that 'Wild Card' was one of the
greatest visual card tricks of all time. My good
friend Tom Dobrowolski has made a great contribution
to the magical fraternity by creating and sharing his
special version that can be performed without the need
for a table. I look forward to adding Tom's beautiful
routine to my strolling repertoire." - Daryl the
Magicians Magician

"Tom's handling of the classic powerhouse 'Wildcard'
is totally professional, totally baffling, instantly
resets and happens in the performers and spectators
hands. In my book that's the conditions that make a
routine totally professional." - Bob Kohler

"I thoroughly enjoyed the routine." - Bill Malone

" Very clever, commercial trick." - Joshua Jay

"Great job Tom! Very visual and practical. I love that
it's in the hands too. I'll be using this one." - Mike

"Beyond belief. You have to teach me that one."
- Marshall Brodien

Midwest Magic
9706 Franklin Av.
Franklin Park, IL 60131
Tom Dobrowolski
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Postby Tom Dobrowolski » 11/16/05 05:42 PM

Coming up this Saturday. Hope to see you there.
Tom Dobrowolski
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Location: Palatine, Illinois

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