Dan Fleshman Lecture at Midwest Magic

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Dan Fleshman Lecture at Midwest Magic

Postby Guest » February 12th, 2007, 12:14 pm

On Wednesday, March 21 at 7 PM, Midwest Magic, Franklin Park, IL. is Proud to Present:

Dan Fleshman

The Dan Fleshman lecture is one that should not be passed by! Unlike most lectures where you just learn new tricks or effects, Dan's lecture is packed full of useful and practical material that not only explains how the effects works, but more important why the effect works. Dan's lecture will teach you new ideas on old routines, while also explaining the fine art of getting your foot into the door of restaurants. Once you have the job, Dan gives you the important details of keeping and solidifying your position.

All the routines in Dan's lecture have been well thought out and simplified so that even the beginner will be able to grasp hold of and perform routines which they have only heard about. You will learn a wide variety of routines which have received international recognition. Entertaining effects that are great for the close-up worker as well as effects for the parlor or stand up performer.

Coins, cards, cups and balls, and much more will be the focus of effects learned at the Dan Fleshman lecture. One of the highlights of the lecture is Dan's ring and string routine, which is considered to be the finest routine of its type today. Dan's cup and ball routine will take you by surprise with its very unusual ending.

Ed Marlo is quoted as saying "the ending of Dan's cup and ball routine not only fooled me, but is the best ending I have ever seen". Come see for yourself why Dan is receiving standing ovations for one of the most commercial and dynamic lectures of the year!

Tricks in the Lecture

Dan's Rope Routine - A great opening routine featuring elements of the most visual rope and ring & rope magic ever created.

Ring and String Flight - A borrowed finger ring almost visibly transforms into the performer's ring, which then penetrates on and off of a length of string in most mysterious ways. The routine comes full circle when the spectator's borrowed ring is found in the performer's key case.

Maxi Twist Twist - A spectator selects a card which is returned to the pack. The four Aces are displayed and each magically turns face down one at a time. The Ace that matches the suit of the selected card turns face up again and then magically turns into the selected card. The other cards are turned face up to reveal that they are no longer Aces but rather, now form a Royal Flush.

Three Card Trick - A spectator counts three cards slowly and fairly into the performer's hand. However, when recounted, a fourth card is found. The extra card is discarded yet there are still four cards. This comedy of errors is repeated several times yet there are always four cards. For the humorous and amazing finish, these cards are shown to be the four Threes.

Oil Slick - A four-card Oil and Water routine that's guaranteed to fool even fast company.

Magic Cards - Three cards are selected from a blue-backed deck. The performer introduces three red-backed cards emblazoned with the words "Magic Cards." The three Magic Cards are placed onto each selection and amazingly, each turns into a duplicate of that selection. As a kicker, the previously-blue deck is shown to now consist solely of red "Magic Cards."

Jumbo Prediction - A freely-selected card matches a jumbo card in an envelope previously given to an audience member. A highly-commercial routine with a comical ending.

Cups and Balls - Dan's classic routine featuring the Fleshman Flash - an amazing final load sequence that will have you reaching for the remote control to watch it again!

The Chinese Linking Rings - A Close-Up Version - This is the video that accompanied the deluxe mini-rings that Dan marketed several years ago. Watch Dan perform an entire restaurant set for an actual audience, including his version of the Rings. His original explanation for the Ring routine follows.

Tickets are $20 and seating is done in order of reservation, so call early to reserve your seat at (847) 455-4288.


Midwest Magic
9706 Franklin Ave.
Franklin Park, Illinois


Re: Dan Fleshman Lecture at Midwest Magic

Postby Guest » March 19th, 2007, 6:04 am

Remember it's this Wednesday March 21 at 7:00.

See you there.

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