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Postby Guest » 04/06/06 08:39 PM

I'm going to Amsterdam for business and have one free day there, April 19th. Any suggestions on magic related things to do or see. I did a web search for the words magic and Amsterdam, , but all that came up was stuff about MAGIC MUSHROOMS. Hmmmmm.... ;) Anyways, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Postby Guest » 04/06/06 10:04 PM

Drop an e-mail to Auke van Dokkum. He knows what is going on in Amsterdam. He lives in Urk, which is a tiny town that used to be an island. Now it's the end of an island.

Tell him I sent you.

Postby Herman Koster » 04/07/06 12:21 PM

Hi Jesse,

there isn't a lot of magic going on in Amsterdam. There is a magicclub called Mysterium, but they only come together every last tuesday of the month. Members include eg. Dick Koornwinder and myself.

A lot of American magicians have visited (Eugene Burger eg.)

The nearest magicshop is in Haarlem and it's called Jan Monnikendam (not to be confused with the village Monnickendam) We once had a Chinese circus who said they wanted to go to Monnikendam and eventually the Taxidriver called us to ask where the store was in Monnikendam. He was about an hour off :)

They have a great selection of magicbooks that might not be available in the US anymore (I had someone from Sweden buy the last Sonata for a good price)

April 23rd there will be a magicday in Friesland, way up north, but unfortunately that probably won't fit into your travelling schedule.

Take care and have fun in Amsterdam,

Herman Koster
Herman Koster
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Postby Dick Koornwinder » 04/12/06 03:54 PM

Hello Jesse,

My good friend Herman already suggested it is a good idea to visit the magicshop of Jan Monnikendam in Haarlem To make April 19th really worthwhile I would spend, after your visit at the magicshop the evening at the Magic Art Center (a couple of kilometres from Haarlem) to see the show of MAX MAVEN. This will be an unique event and of course I will be there!!! It is an omen you are in the area at that time so dont miss this!! For further information/reservations contact Vronique Ross at

Jesse, you can always contact me with a PM by email and Im also in the telephone directories of Amsterdam.

Dick Koornwinder
Dick Koornwinder
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