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Postby Guest » 08/29/06 12:22 PM

I am truly a very lucky man, my wife has to got to Europe Sept 5-16, and I get to tag along, though I know in the evening and weekends I have to do what she wants to do, but weekdays are free for me to visit hangouts/magicshops. I have no ideas yet where to go.
I will be in
Toulouse, France Sept 6,7,8
Paris, France Sept 9,10
Amsterdam, Holland Sept 11
s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands Sept 12
Rotterdam, Netherlands Sept 13
Budapest, Hungary Sept 14 & 15

I will have Eurorail pass, so I can get around, on short day trips.

Postby Mark Collier » 08/29/06 12:50 PM

Amsterdam has excellent coffee. ;)
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Postby Guest » 08/29/06 01:40 PM

But you don't go to coffee shops to buy coffee!

Take a quick (15 min) train ride from Amsterdam to Haarlem and vist Jan Monnikendam at Raamgracht 1-9. I did just a few weeks ago and was really glad that I did. Haarlem is a nice little town to visit too!


Postby NCMarsh » 08/30/06 09:26 AM

Mayette Magie Moderne in Paris is quite nice (at least, as I remember it from about 5 years ago). Dominique Duvivier's Le Double Fond is a great club and your wife may actually enjoy a visit there...



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Postby Guest » 08/30/06 11:17 AM

Kurt, it is kind of short notice, but for future trips I recommend investing in the current edition of Wittus Witt's International Magic Yellow Pages (#11 just released at FISM, in stock in limited quantities at H & R). Here are few suggestions from it (it is cross indexed by location):
Toulouse, France Sept 6,7,8
Contact Didier Puech, editor of Magicus Journal there. PM me for his email...
Paris, France Sept 9,10
There are nearly 40 entries for Paris alone! To the above suggestions of Mayette ( and Le Double Fond, I'd add a visit to Georges Proust's ACADEMIE DE MAGIE ( They can probably point you towards other stuff of interest. The Musee Grevin wax museum used to have a great hall of mirrors and a figure of Robert-Houdin, plus a theatre featuring magicians, not sure if it still does...
Amsterdam, Holland Sept 11 Dick Kornwinder and Eddy Taytlebaum are listed, among others. Dick will be at the TAOM in Dallas through Sept 4th, however...
s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands Sept 12 Didn't see anything...
Rotterdam, Netherlands Sept 13 Just one listing, a club of Professional Magicians called Selected magicians run by Christian Farla. PM me for his phone number...
Budapest, Hungary Sept 14 & 15
Budapest has an IBM Ring (#281) as well as Astor Magic, Joker Magic and Figaro (stores or manufacturers). Email me for more details. Hope this helps. Have a great trip! I don't go abroad without consulting Witt's directory!

Postby Guest » 08/30/06 02:19 PM

And, between Toulouse and Paris, you can got to Blois, which is the city of Robert-Houdin. In Blois, there is the "Maison de la Magie" to visit, in which you will see a lot of wonderfull things (like the Robert-Houdin magic wand, a lot of posters, Robert-Houdin clocks, and so on...).

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