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Postby mago » 12/10/04 02:45 PM

Hi all,

Does anyone know where the local magicians in Ocala, Fla. hang out?

I am going there in January and would like to meet with some.

Tom Wolf mikecards@earthlink.net
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Postby Guest » 12/10/04 04:04 PM

Ocala is 1 hour+ North of Orlando.
If you're interested in Orlando, send me an e-mail.

Postby mago » 12/11/04 07:36 AM

Thank you Rafael for the kind offer.

After we move to Ocala, I shall take you up on your kind offer.

I will not have much time for the hour drive to see you on this trip.

I was hoping to locate some of the local Ocala magicians on this trip.

There has to be some, don't you think?

Tom Wolf

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Postby Magicbob » 01/21/05 12:47 PM

Please tell us all-where?
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Postby SteveHart » 03/12/05 09:26 AM

The magic club in Ocala is an independent magic club.

Ocala Magic Guild

To make contact:
call the Party Shop at 694-1425 and ask for Phillip Vitti <pjvitti@earthlink.net> or call him at 572-2818.

Steve Hart
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Postby Guest » 04/11/05 09:20 PM


Thank you! That's good stuff to know. Lucy and I get down to Ocala with the Unicorns from the stage act. That is where they are circus trained.

We'll have to plan our trip better next time and check in with the local magicians.

We keep saying that we will buy a place down there someday. But Lucy doesn't want to move her medical license to Florida. So I doubt that we will ever have a full-time place down there.

We do enjoy the horse country there.

Keep us posted.

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander
The Amazed Wiz

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