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Postby Guest » 06/30/05 03:42 PM

The Magic Apple, Magic World and Hollywood Magic are the magic stores in town, but are there any other venues besides these and the Castle where magicians congeal?

Postby Randy » 06/30/05 04:02 PM

Yeah, there used to be a place called "The Magic Castle"..................just kidding everybody.
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Postby Guest » 06/30/05 04:19 PM

I have never heard of The Magic Apple or Magic Wand... could you possibly tell me where these venues are located?

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Postby Pete Biro » 06/30/05 04:29 PM

The Magic Apple is on Ventura Blvd., about 15-20 Minutes West of the Magic Castle.

HOWEVER the "HOT" place is Dean Dill's Barbershop and Magic Hangout... you find folks like Micheal Weber, John Carney, Dr. Bill, Monte Smith, Peter Mui, and MOI... there most often on Wednesday afternoons.

Dean is Closed Sun/Mon/Tue and opens around NOON on Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat.

It is in Glendale, go to www.deandill.com for details.
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Postby Guest » 06/30/05 06:06 PM

Magic Apple is on the corner of Tujunga and Ventura Blvd. Open Tuesday through Saturday. The people are friendly and you might be surprised how fast time will fly when your there. I'm there everyday and always have a great time. Great lectures in the past year as well. It might not be Dean's,(which sounds great) but you'll have a great time. I'm glad I walked in.

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