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Postby Guest » 10/14/07 11:16 AM

This Saturday October 20, 2007, the American Museum of Magic will host it's yearly October event. This year Matt Kalita will perform his "challenge" escape, with the help of the Mayor of Marshall, Michigan. The event will start at 11:30 AM. Everyone is welcome to be a part of this yearly doing. It's free for public veiwing!

Matt Kalita can also be seen October 22, 2007 at 7:50 cst. on WGN channel 9 in Chicago. Kalita will be performing his "mummy' escape. Kalita has appeared many time on this morning show and it's a riot!

Postby Guest » 10/18/07 08:58 AM


Best wishes for a good turn out for your October 20th event.

(Any outfit that claims April Fools' Day as date of origin is my kind of organization!)

Someday I'll get there when you're open.

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander

Postby Guest » 10/18/07 12:03 PM

For something being free, you don't want to miss out. Not to many things free in life anymore. Last year was a blast. I have seen Kalita perfrom before and he is an awesome performer. You can count on me being there this year again.

Postby Guest » 10/18/07 04:49 PM

Thanks for the well wishes! Big event next year for our 30th anniversary. Hope all can make it!

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