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Postby David Oliver » 03/16/07 12:56 PM

Hello all!

If you're coming through Boston in the next few weeks, there's some great magic happening in town!

The "Mystery Lounge" is celebrating TEN YEARS as Boston's original and longest-running, comedy & magic show! Ten years ago, a group of local pro's wanted to bring back LIVE cabaret-style magic shows to the East Coast. Our first show, "Magicians & Spirits" at the Green Street Grill was born. Soon afterwards, our pals in New York City opened "Monday Night Magic," followed by the start of "Wednesday Wizardry" in Washington, DC. After a brief, and very successful run, we moved the Green Street show to a better-suited venue, and changed the name of our weekly show to the "Mystery Lounge." All three shows have thrived, continue to support each other, and we couldn't be happier. These three shows cater to adult audiences who appreciate the finer arts of magic and comedy. Live cabaret magic is alive and well on the East Coast.

In celebration of the ten-year anniversary season of the "Mystery Lounge," we have some very special guests making appearances in the next few weeks that we thought you should know about.

March 20th - Todd Robbins
March 27th - John Cassidy
April 3rd - Peter Gross
April 10th - David Garrity
(Other upcoming guests include Michael Chaut, Jamy Ian Swiss, Larry Maples & Raven, Simon Lovell, with many more to come!)

Along with these outstanding guest performers, each show features several of our core cast members, including Mike Bent, Joe Howard, Danny Hustle, Steve Kradolfer, Bob Riordan, Erik Rochelle, George Saterial, Jon Stetson and David Oliver.

On any given Tuesday night at "The Mystery Lounge", you will witness mind-boggling feats of magic, incredible sleight of hand, uproarious comedy and some uncanny mind-reading. We'd love to have you stop by and join us if you are in town. Many of you have been with us before, and we appreciate the support! Here's the basic info:

The Mystery Lounge
Tuesday Evenings
7:00pm - "Random Acts Of Magic" our preshow closeup magic (featuring Harrison Greenbaum, Tony Eye & guests)
8:00pm - "The Mystery Lounge - a potent blend of magic & comedy!" the cabaret show
@ The Comedy Studio - Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA
For tickets, reservations, info and to sign up for our weekly email newsletter, visit www.mysterylounge.com

We hope to see you there!

- David Oliver
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Postby David Oliver » 03/26/07 10:57 AM

Hello all -

I received several PM's over the last week. Thanks for the support, we appreciate it. After ten years, we still love doing it!

Just a reminder to all coming through Boston this week, that the one and only, Guinness World Record holder, John Cassidy is our special guest on Tuesday, March 27th! Last week's show with Todd Robbins sold-out! This week will probably do the same. Call for reservations early!

See all the show details in my post above.

If you're in Boston, we hope to see many of you Tuesday!

- David Oliver
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Postby Danny Archer » 03/27/07 08:44 AM

I have had several shows in several venues in Denver, and I know how hard is to keep it going week after week... hats off to David and all the Boston gang for keeping the magic alive...
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Postby Frank Dudgeon » 03/27/07 10:04 AM

As a former Bostonian, I urge anyone visiting Beantown to check out The Mystery Lounge. I was lucky enough to see ths show a number of times. It was always different and lots of fun, and the performers go out of their way to make the audience feel at home. You get a great show from top-notch performers for a very reasonable price. It's obviously a labor of love. See it!!
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