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Postby Guest » 12/16/04 11:37 PM

Where's some of the best close-up work being done in Reno? While I'm there for convention this summer I want to check it out. I like to watch magicians performing for lay audiences.

Postby Robert Allen » 12/17/04 10:36 AM

I have not been to Reno in a year or two but previous to that I went a lot. I never, ever, saw a magician performing anywhere at any casino or restaurant.
Robert Allen
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Postby Guest » 12/17/04 10:53 AM

At the Silver Legacy there is a magician named Doc something or other (I'm so ashamed). He is usually there around 10 pmish, Wed. or Thurs. are good nights. He typically is right at the point between where the lobby ends and the area where the giant mining machine is, you'll understand once you get there.
Steve V

Postby Guest » 12/17/04 05:05 PM

At the Legacy in Reno, see Doc Cheathem. Very cool, and very generous guy. Find him in the evenings at the top of the escalator coming from the main floor. Call ahead to verify. You'll learn a tremendous amount of performing skills by watching a pro in action.

Postby Shawn Farquhar » 01/09/05 08:12 PM

I'll be staying at the Legacy in late January for a few days of rest and gambling. Looking forward to seeing Doc. I also want to see Mark Kalins new theatre, Darren Romeo and Larry Wilson's shows.

Anyone know anything else...I have four days and I am not very good at that rest thing ...
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