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IBM Ring 43 Presents a lecture by Mike Powers

Friday May 18th 7:30 PM
Trinity Lutheran Church
3637 Gold Road
Evanston IL
Guests $10

Mike Powers' new Lecture: Strengthening Your Magic

Mike Powers is known for his innovative magic. His new book, Power Plays
was voted "Best Book of
2006" on the Magic Cafe and was second in the Magic Industry Awards for
best book of the year.

Mike uses a Power Point presentation with a projector in his lecture to
make the magic easy to learn
and easy to remember. All items in the lecture, as well as the complete
Power Point presentation and 4
video clips are available on a CD for only $15. The disc is free to
purchasers of Power Plays.

The lecture's theme is "Strengthening Your Magic." Each trick taught in
the lecture illustrates one of
the principles of how to strengthen your magic. These principles apply
both to close-up magic as well
as platform and stage. Don't miss this lecture!

"Mike delivered item after item of very workable and very strong magic.
Cards, string, coins, rubber bands, routines and
"quickies" kept on coming. Mike encouraged suggestions, comments and
advice on how to enhance the effects, making the
lecture also a working session. Thanks for the great lecture, Mike! Ken
Salzman (President of the Lansing IBM ring)

"Mike Powers' lecture was full of practical effects that were perfect
for real-world performers. He explained each one in
great detail, and our members truly appreciated the time he spent after
the lecture teaching effects one-on-one." John Sturk
(President MSU's Magicians' Club)

POWER PLAYS (reviews)
MUM (Lance Pierce) - "Nearly every item in the book has something of
note about it, either in the routining, the method
or the effect itself. ... Powers always strives for something at least a
little different and finds interesting solutions."

MAGIC (Peter Duffie) - "... it's evident that his devious mind has been
working overtime. He is a master of quirky, visually
appealing effects using cards, coins, rings, and any objects that appear

Little Egypt Gazette (Steve Bryant) "If a book contains two or three
items that make it into my repertoire, I consider it a
major find. At last count, over ten of Mike's items were Little Egypt
rep-worthy, so this book is through the roof."

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