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Postby Umpa Duze » 02/06/05 10:58 PM

Hi All,
I am headed to Portland, OR from the 18th to the 20th of Feb and wondered if there are any magic happenings there at that time. Thanks, Eric
Umpa Duze
Umpa Duze
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Postby George Olson » 02/06/05 11:09 PM


Mark Allen works at The Brassier downtown been there 20 years.

Reed McClintock works at a place out on 82nd avenue.

Other than that, we kind of hang out at my old stomping Grounds Quackers on 99 in Tigard.

Where are you staying? Will you have transportation? When will you be available to "session?"

Give me a call, or e-mail me privately, with details so I might get some of the guys together.

George Olson
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Postby Guest » 02/09/05 01:24 PM

What is the place on 82nd Avenue where Reed McClintock works? I'll be in Portland in a couple weeks, so I'm interested, too.

Postby Guest » 03/10/05 05:23 PM

I believe Reed works at Dante's downtown, but I can't remeber when. I really miss when he worked at Callin's (before that place vanished, NPI).

Postby Guest » 03/21/05 03:18 PM

Thanks, sightlab, for the info. I've now returned from Portland so can't check that out. I, too, miss Callins -- always enjoyed it when I was in town.

Postby Bill Duncan » 08/26/05 05:12 PM

How about an update on the Portland scene?

Where is Reed working now? How about Jim Pace, or George Olson or Lee Asher or ???

And didn't there used to be three magic shops in the area? I know Jim closed his shop at the mall but I could have sworn there were two others and hte only number in the phone book is disconnected (I'm hoping it's Jim's old shop).

Bill Duncan
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Postby George Olson » 08/27/05 09:41 PM


Right now only one of us is working. The rest are "in retirement."

There is a very good young man I can't recall his name, working at Huber's downtown.

Reed just finished the "Magic the Art of Deception" exhibit (all summer, 3 a day) at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)
He's kind of "regrouping" and getting ready for a European lecture tour.

Justin Haines I believe is working a gig on Sundays -- I'll check with him tomorrow.

Mark is still at the Brassiere (sp), I believe he's in his 18th year!

My restaurant was sold after 47 years! It's re-opening as a Pizza Place. I might check with the new owners, but I kind of like having Saturday nights to myself.

There is another young man working out in Tillamook who comes in for the SAM meetings.

We (the old-timers) still meet every Tuesday at the Beaverton Elks for lunch and BS.

Mark Bentheimer has a shop in Jantzen Beach Center, Jim got jacked around by Llod center and made a good business decision. Callin's, one of the oldest in the NW went belly up much to the displeasure of locals.

That's about it!

George Olson
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Postby Bill Duncan » 08/28/05 05:55 PM

Thanks for the heads up. When I got home I had a voicemail from Steve Dobson echoing your comments about Mark. Sadly by the time I read your post were were tucked in for the night so I'll have to plan on the Brassiere for the next trip.

I did have a great magic weekend anyway. I found a first edition of Magicians Tricks - How They Are Done by Hatton and Plate (water damaged but readable and otherwise in good condition), and a pristine copy of Carneycopia at Powell's Bookstore. Now I know why Minch called it the most magical place in Portland!!!

Spent a hour and a half at visting with Mark at his shop in Janzen Beach on our way out of town today.

We also visited the OMSI and saw the exhibit on "The Magic Of Illusion". Got to see some great old footage of Cardini (diminishing cards), Kuda Buxx and Omar Pashia (among others).

The OMSI exhibit has the old disembodied head illusion setup so kids can crawl into a tunnel and poke their heads into the illusion without knowing how it's done. On the other side of the illusion a curtin come up when the kid is in postion and lowers so they can get out. One of the coolest exhibits I've ever seen at a museum.
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