Beijing Magic?

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Postby Guest » 08/16/06 04:15 PM

I will be in Beijing August 27 thru September 4th. Any suggestions or magical contacts for a magical good time in China?

Postby Richard Kaufman » 08/16/06 04:34 PM

There's a guy named Carlo who has a magic shop in Beijing. Don't know how you can get in touch with him, though. Anyway, see if you can find a magic shop--he speaks English, Chinese, and various other languages.
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Postby Guest » 08/20/06 06:15 PM

I will also be in Beijing but I arrive on September 7th. I will be giving medical lectures and magic workshops for physicians in Beijing until the 11th (I am staying at the guest rooms of the Children's Hospital) and then Huangshan, Hangzhou, and finally Shanghai. I would love to visit a magic shop and meet local magicians as well although I speak no Chinese. Please share any information that you find!

Bruce Rubin

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