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Postby Guest » 06/06/07 08:59 AM

I would need some help. I would be visiting these three states in late July, early August. I would appreciate if someone could tell me some good magic shop to visit and also if possible, an entry to magic castle. i know i would need to either get the month ticket or be brought in by a guest. I really hope to visit Magic Castle when I am in LA. It would also be nice if anyone can recommend some must watch magic show that would be in Las Vegas. I would love to stay and watch all the shows but due to budget and time constraint, i am unable to do so. thanks!

(Singapore) ;)

Postby Guest » 06/06/07 09:58 AM

IMHO, the "must see" magic show in Las Vegas would be Mac King at Harrah's. This is an afternoon show and is a GREAT entertaiment for cost value. Have fun & safe travels.

Postby Guest » 06/06/07 02:28 PM

If you're in San Francisco, I'd recommend other activities such as Teatro Zinzanni, find a small neighborhood to explore, and the other more common tourist activities. For magic shops, drop in on Joe Pon at Misdirections near Golden Gate Park, great shop and Joe knows his material.

If you want to hang out with magicians on a Friday night and you're willing to drive 45 minutes south of San Francisco send me an email and I'll give you the details. Depending on when you are in town, we may or may not be putting on a show that night.

Across the Bay Bridge and about 45 minutes from San Francisco is the little town of Martinez. California Magic and Novelty where Gerry has both a well stocked show and weekly dinner shows on Friday and Saturday nights.

Postby Guest » 06/06/07 11:41 PM

Welcome to L.A., Adrian! (My wife is Malay and I was over in your part of the world visiting family last January.)

Check out this new thread for info on LA magic shops: ... 4;t=000212

Postby Guest » 06/07/07 03:59 AM

I can send you a guest pass for the Castle. Email me if you still need one.

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