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Postby Guest » 09/20/07 10:03 AM

Hello all.
I just moved to Toronto and am looking to get hooked up with some local magicians. Anyone know of the clubs, etc?



Postby Guest » 09/20/07 10:17 AM

My favourite Magic Shop in Toronto is The Browser's Den

There's also Morrissey's Magic which I haven't been to:

And check out the local IBM Ring

Postby Guest » 09/20/07 10:26 AM

Drop by Browser's Den on a Saturday afternoon, and you will probably meet a few of the local guys.

Browser's also sponsors/hosts several good lectures per year, so get on their emailing list.

Postby Guest » 09/20/07 10:52 AM

There is a ton of magic in Toronto.

Besides the two stores and the local ring already mentioned, there is a magic show every Friday night (which is free to attend and is always a blast) as well as great lectures and workshops.

For the past few years I have been organzing hands on, personalized workshops with some of magic's greats- Darwin Ortiz, Allan Ackerman, Martin Nash, Bill Abbott, Daryl, etc.

This November I am excited to announce David Roth! We will have two separate workshops, a beginner/intermediate workshop and an advanced workshop on Saturday the 3rd and Sunday the 4rth.

The workshops will be $100, and will be a jam packed with material YOU want to learn.

Email me at for more info, or just to find out what else exciting will be happening in Toronto!

Ben Train

Postby Guest » 09/20/07 11:36 AM

I should have mentioned Ben's excellent lectures that he has presented/sponsored/organized. As he mentions, he's brought some great magicians to town to lecture, and every one i've attended was really fun and informative.

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