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Postby Guest » 08/10/05 10:41 PM

Once every three years a Celebration in the Desert takes place in Tucson. Last time Vito Lupo, Greg Frewin, Kerry Pollak, Mike Michales and about 100 others hung out and played, learned and taught magic for three days in May.

We also issued toe tags to all who attended ---because it was three days of fun and frolic hanging out together swapping techniques, stories, lies and jokes with a keg or two.

We are doing it again in 2006 -- again in May.

John Shryock is heading up our performer/expert search, and our dealer room will be managed by Chris Myers again. Eric Buss is figuring out beer arrangements (long distance from Tahoe) , and general coordination is being handled by Mike DeSchallet -- who debuts at the Magic Castle this month.

Start thinking about it - we usually take over the whole hotel -- and present our gala show (open to the public) in a restored historic theater that Blackstone Sr. appeared in EARLY and several times in his career. A grand with history.

Planning sessions are being held at our usual hang-out, Williams magic in Tucson. Join us!

Postby Guest » 08/11/05 10:47 AM

Yah, this is a hell of a convention! Intimate, yet full of talent! A few of the other performers that were there last time that CH didn't mention were, Dan Harlan, Michael Ammar, and Bob Kohler. And, "We take over the hotel" is an understatement... They are extremely friendly, and whatever the convention wanted, it got! It's not really a convetion. It should be called a 3 day party.

See you there!

Postby Guest » 08/11/05 09:27 PM

Ahh- I wasa saving their names for later-----

Postby Spellbinder » 08/12/05 10:19 AM

Let me know when you get registration information and so on on the Internet so I can advertise it for you on my Calendar of Magical Events ( http://magicnook.com/calendar/calendar.htm )

I know May 2006 is a long time off, but people who might want to make plans for travel to Tuscon, or who might want to hit several conventions in a row need to know this stuff as soon as it becomes available. Thanks.
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Postby Sam Kesler » 08/12/05 11:26 AM

Spellbinder, thank you for posting a link to your magic calendar of events. Great reference source of what's happening.

Warning, though. It can be very hazardous to one's pocketbook!
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Postby Glenn Aga » 08/24/05 08:59 PM

CH and Eric: Once a date is confirmed, please post for our planning; I agree that May 2006 seems like a long way off but there are several great events in the SW to put on the calendar in 2006! This sounds like a good one!
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