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Postby Guest » 09/07/07 11:31 PM

I'll be in Barcelona and Madrid on business towards the end of October, and my wife and I would love to see some magic while we're there. Any suggestions on the best places to see magic in Spain?

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Postby Guest » 09/08/07 01:54 AM

Many of the magic events taking place in Barcelona are listed here: Magia en Barcelona . Maybe you are lucky and you get the chance to see Joaqun Matas performing at Teatreneu.

Another possibility would be to go to SEI (Spanish Magic Society) both in Barcelona and Madrid. Every monday the society is completely full with many magicians sharing, teaching and performing and, in Barcelona, you will get the chance to see Oriol, Tino, Amlkar... (to name a few of the best) there.

Here is the link for SEI - Barcelona
Here is the link for SEI - Madrid

Postby Guest » 09/30/07 09:52 AM

Thank you!

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