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Postby Guest » 11/23/06 09:57 AM

Dont miss I.B.M. National Capital Ring 50, Magi-Whirl 2007 April 13 & 14, 2007. Four lectures, plus two close-up performances, and a Gala evening show. Magi-Whirl is being held at Bishop Ireton High School, 201 Cambridge Rd, Alexandria VA. $45 in advance, $50 at the door. Details:

Lectures by Michael Lair, Tim Sonefelt, Eric Henning, and Barry Taylor, plus two close-up performances with Scott Correll and Larsen Eisenberg. Gala evening show includes: The Magic of Krandl & Co., Michael Lair, Tim Sonefelt, Magic by Sanders, Magician Extraordinaire Michael Taggert, DC Magician of the Year Dwight Redman, and a host of others The best little convention in the National Capital Area


Postby Guest » 02/07/07 09:49 PM

Looking forward to being there!

Bob Sanders

Postby Guest » 03/07/07 08:11 PM

Thanks for the info!

I just moved to the area (Arlington, VA) from the midwest (Ohio) last month. So I'll definately be sure to check out this convention. Can I attend without being an IBM member? I've been a SAM member for about 8 years, but never joined the IBM for some reason.

Also, do you know about any other magic stuff in the area? As I just moved here I still have yet to find the info on the local clubs and whatnot. If you know anything please let me know.


P.S. Do you know anyone going up to the New England Magic Conference (NEOCOM) this weekend? I just heard about it today, but I'm considering throwing together some last minute plans to try to attend.

Postby Guest » 03/07/07 09:33 PM

Anyone interested in Magic can attend Magi-Whirl 2007. IBM National Capital Ring 50 meets montly in Alexandria VA, on the 1st wednesday of each month with about 100 members. There are at least two SAM Assemblies in the area. The Ring 50 webpage is www.IBMRing50.Org. Nest meetins April 4th. Come on down and meet some of the local magicians and have fun. For the April meeting we will have an auction. You might find something of interest.

You are invited to IBM Ring 50s Magi-Whirl 2007, April 13 & 14. We have lots of dealers scheduled for the dealer room. You can see and talk to real magicians and look at new magic items for sale. On Friday night, April 13, there will be a dealers show with the dealers demonstrating the latest magical items, silks, accessories, and supplies. The dealers are: Silk King Studio - Ruth Rice Crone, Bob Little's Guaranteed Magic, Fred Mitchell's Magic Books, DoveLite - Bob Sanders, Hughes Magic, Inc Richard Hughes, Magic Goods - Pravin Ponnuri, Wonder Imagery - Tim Sonefelt, Sorcery with Class - Scott Correll, Magic by M.P. Lair and Wayne Alan with some pre-owned Magic & Books. For details go to: www.Magi-Whirl.Org.

Come to Magi-Whirl 2007 and hang out with other magicians and people devoted to magic. You may learn new tricks, ideas, presentations, and of course see some great performances. You wont want to miss these great lecturers: Stand-Up Magic by Michael Lair, Grab bag - Something For Everyone by Tim Sonefelt, Restaurant Magic lecture by Eric Henning, A Question and Answer Session with Barry Taylor (Washington DCs only Magic Shop), and close-up magic with Scott Carroll and Larsen Eisenberg. For details go to: www.Magi-Whirl.Org.

Don't know anything about NEOCOM this weekend.

The only magic shop in the Washington DC area is Barry's Magic Shop in Wheaton, Maryland, but he will be moving soon to a new loaction (in April, I think). Web page is

Bob Patterson

Postby Guest » 03/17/07 07:25 AM

There is less than a month to go before Magi-Whirl 2007 and it will beautiful with the cherry blossoms just right at that time of the year.

But even better will be the MAGIC!

I'm looking forward to it.

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander

Postby Guest » 04/02/07 06:42 PM

Hey everyone, time is running out. On line registration for Magi-Whirl closes on April 10. However, walk-in registrations will be accepted at the Magi-Whirl Registration Desk in the convention area of the Bishop Ireton High School, 201 Cambridge Road, Alexandria VA, beginning on Friday, April 13 at 6:00 PM and Saturday at 9:00 AM. Registration is $50 per person. If you are only interested in the Gala Show on Saturday night the tickets cost $10 at the door.

Come on out and learn some new techniques, tricks, and perhaps pick up some of the latest magic items.

Hope to see you there!

Postby Guest » 04/07/07 06:49 AM

April 10th is nearly here!

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander

Postby Richard Kaufman » 04/07/07 09:35 AM

If I can spare the time, I might try and make it. Only 20 minutes away from chez Genii!
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Postby Guest » 04/07/07 09:41 AM


If you are not there my feelings are really going to be hurt!


Postby Guest » 04/10/07 05:30 AM

Richard K. - I don't see you registered yet. Today (April 10) is the last day for on line registration for Magi-Whirl 2007. So hurry. You can still register at the door for all events on Friday or Saturday. See www.Magi-Whirl.Org. Have fun everyone! -- :whack:

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