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Postby Guest » 06/07/07 09:17 AM

I have searched this area for other magicians, magic stores and resources, so far nothing has turned up. I have met a few people who saw the latest show on tv and learned a trick and now they think they are magicians, and even a few who want to be- but I haven't found any other performers here yet. Obviously, there is a huge plus side for me because I barely have any local competition, but there is a down side as well in that my only resource at this time is the internet. I am finishing polishing off my effects,
and finding locations to promote myself and what I need is the viewpoint of a professional. I would appreciate any responses and/or advice.
Thank you.

Postby Rick Ruhl » 06/09/07 06:36 AM

Bob Sanders is down there near you in. He is President of the Birminham IBM Ring. Also Mort and Donna (owners of the worlds oldest Chicken) are near you.

You have Rings in Birminham, Montgomery, Mobile/Penscola near you and they always welcome all magicians. Up north we just have the Huntsville Ring.

Not many magic shops down there at all. I know there's one in a drug store in B'ham, and the one up here (house of magic) is closing at the end of the month.
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Postby Guest » 06/11/07 06:17 AM

Thank you for the Information. I will contact the IBM.

Postby Guest » 06/15/07 04:45 PM

Hello Shadow priest,

Magicians are always welcome here in Alabama.

Email me and I'll get you on the newsletter list.


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