The Magic Cabaret - Chicago

Where local magicians eat, meet, and greet.

Postby Guest » 06/14/07 10:17 AM

"Low on hokum and high on thoughtfulness, this is an evening that shows magic to its best advantage, up close and personal."
--Kerry Reid, The Chicago Reader

Run, skip, jump, walk gingerly (remember to look both ways) but you must see this show!

Things have been going very well. Lots of people have seen the show and are talking good things.

We would love to have you come out and see the show. If you are interested please visit us

Postby Guest » 06/14/07 11:22 AM

Congratulations, P.T. and David, on your success!

I heartily recommend to all magicians who are in Chicago on a Tuesday to see The Magic Cabaret.


P.S. Of course, if you're in town on a Friday, I hope you'll squeeze in a visit to Supernatural Chicago. Info and reservations at

Postby Guest » 06/15/07 11:17 AM

With Midwest Magic having Hot Dog day Chicago has almost every day of the week "magically covered"!

Oh by the way, here is another flattering review for the Magic Cabaret! Please do come and see us if you are in town. ... on=theater

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