Four to Room?

Flying around the world for the perfect magic convention? Save some dough and share your room.

Postby Guest » 03/07/06 02:53 PM

Turns out the Hotel's special rates for Celebration 2006 in Tucson includes up to four people in a room for a single room rate (about $80 a night -- WITH BREAKFAST FOR ALL OCCUPANTS.

I am looking for roomates to split the bill with me for this May 3 day event as I do not want to leave the hotel after having seen the schedule - 9 a.m. through about 2 a.m. daily and two full pro theater shows.

Downside -- I do snore according to Andy Greget and an ex-wife.

Need at least one roomate........

Postby Guest » 03/14/06 08:44 PM

Originally posted by C.H.Mara:
I do snore according to Andy Greget and an ex-wife.
I didn't know Andy had divorced.

More importantly.... Did you ever produce your Tarot Diary effect? Where can I get more information concerning it? Thank you...

Postby Guest » 03/21/06 12:41 AM

Should Read

"and my ex..."

Andy is NOT divorced even though it was in Reno we bunked together for a show...........while his wife hapilly stayed in Phoenix.....

I have not advertised the last few Tarot Diaries -- but yes I can make them if I have a few orders...5 or more.

I have some intrerest from Phoenix for one copy -- you would be #2.

HOWEVER -- only enough material remains that the last 30 will complete the production forever -- forever -- amen and amen!

There is so much handwork in.volved I needed physical therapy on my shoulder for the last batch of this limited run --- almost half of the 70 previously sold of the 100 went out of the USA.

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