THE THAUMATURGE Issue 4 Now Available

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Postby Guest » 09/22/06 10:21 AM

Dear Genii Forum Members,

The fourth
issue of The Thaumaturge is NOW AVAILABLE. In the fourth issue, you will find articles on theory by Arthur Trace, Newell Unfried, and myself, reviews of The Conjuring Anthology and Dai Vernon: A Biography, a letter to Eugene Burger by Newell Unfried that relates his personal relationship to the late Tommy Wonder, and a brief biography of Tommy Wonders life. Also included is our feature story: an eight-page interview with Max Maven. You can find out more about The Thaumaturge here .

As always, a one year subscription is only $18, and a single issue is only $3.

Thanks for looking!

Always in Magic,
Ari Simon
Editor of The Thaumaturge

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