ANTINOMY #10 Now Available!

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Postby Guest » 07/20/07 06:39 PM

Image ANTINOMY #10: "The Bulldog Issue"
This is the issue that took the stubbornness of a Bulldog to complete.

In between Issue 9 and 10, my son was born. Free time for the writer, editor, publisher, staff photographer, mail room staff, and administrative assistant has been at a premium ever since. All those job titles and just two people to share the them...

Find out more about Issue 10 here.


Gene Taylor

Postby Guest » 07/20/07 08:06 PM

Congratulations Gene!

Jeff Pierce

Postby Evan Shuster » 07/20/07 09:11 PM

Yes! Congrats, Gene!! That's great news about your baby (not to mention the new issue :) ).
Evan Shuster
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Postby Guest » 07/21/07 04:36 PM

Where can the magazine be bought? Or is this by subscription only?

Postby Guest » 07/21/07 06:05 PM

Individual copies are for sale, or you can subscribe. Find out more at the antinomy web site

Postby Guest » 07/21/07 06:28 PM

First of all congratulations on the baby Gene !!

Second I am pleased to see the publication of one of Jeremiah Xiufu Zuo's routines. He's a talented, creative and thoughtful young magician who has a lot to add to the discussion (don't you just hate that). You'll be hearing a lot about and hopefully from Jeremiah in the future.

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