Beyond The Smoke and Mirrors Issue 1 now available! Arthur Trace, Bob Neale, & more..

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I am excited to announce that the first issue of Beyond The Smoke and
Mirrors is finally ready!

From 1998-2001, Behind The Smoke and Mirrors thrived as one of magic's
top journals devoted solely to magical thinking. Now, in 2006, I am
pleased to announce that the magazine is back, with a slightly new
title, but the same great material.

This quarterly journal is not devoted to tricks, but rather to theory,
presentation and creativity for magicians.

Issue 1 includes the following essays:
"On The Oddity of Reality" by Bob Neale
"What's It to Ya?" by Francis Menotti
"Ten Steps to Transformation" by Walt Anthony
"Atmospheric Creativity" by Arthur Trace
"The Observer and the Observed" by J. Tank
"The 'ACT" by Kenton Knepper
"The Proper Frame of Mind" by Rick Maue
As well as thoughts by The Doppler Effect.

The first issues is ready to ship, and subscriptions are $24/ year.

Please send check/ money order payable to:
1138 N. Wolcott
Chicago, IL 60622

Or to pay with credit card, please visit our website at:

Limited copies of the original Behind The Smoke and Mirrors are still
available. Please see our website for more information.

Thank you for your time, and happy thinking,
David London
Editor/ Publisher, BSM


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