100 Houdini Tricks you can do by Dunninger

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Postby Guest » 12/25/07 11:17 PM

I have seen this book many times and actually owned and sold about 3 of them. My question is this, I recently obtained this same book in hardbound, Copyright 1954 by Fawcett Publications, however I cannot find any info anywhere on there ever being one printed in anything but the softcover version.
Anyone out there who can shed a light on this?

Postby Guest » 12/26/07 12:08 AM


The s/b copies are the most plentiful in supply, but there are a good number of h/b copies that were produced. Based on my experiences, I've never thought the h/b copies to be that uncommon. Hope this is helpful somewhat.


Postby Guest » 12/27/07 11:23 PM

Thanks for th einfo, I never knew any hb copies existed as I said I had many, but all softcover. I knew there were many copies of the book around , however I think the all time most plentiful book has got to be Dunninger;s Encyclopedia of Magic.

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