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IBM Seeks Editors For New Internet Portal


My name is Greg Edmonds (I'm familiar to at least a couple of Genii posters, I hope), and I'm the interim Executive Editor of the new IBM Internet Portal. The Portal, which seeks to become the primary source of online up-to-date news for magicians (and especially IBM members) everywhere, will replace the current IBM site.

On the portal, in addition to "magic news," we intend to offer continually developing resources for those who specialize in magic's various disciplines and "subcategories." For this reason, we're seeking topic editors in the fields of Card Magic; Close-up Magic; Stage & Parlor Magic; Kid-Shows; Bizarre & Story Telling Magic; Mentalism; Gatherings (meeting and convention news); Magic History; Magic in the Media; Member (product) Reviews; and Youth Magic news.

We're also including a section entitled "Performances," which will let you know who is performing where. You can add your own name to this list if you desire, along with your show title and venue.

There's a "Sick & Convalescent" section, as well as a "Broken Wand" topic area. This way, you'll know the important news of serious illnesses and passages before having to wait a couple of months. This, and other areas, will only work, of course, if members keep us abreast of what's going on, so the data can be constantly updated.

If YOU have experience in writing or editing, and more importantly, if your specialty covers one of the areas mentioned above (or if you specialize in a magic-related topic not listed, let us know, it can be added!), we'd like to hear from you. Because several members have busy performing schedules or full-time jobs, it will, in some cases, become necessary to have two or more members acting as a single topic editor.

Another primary function of the Portal will be to literally link the individual worldwide Rings together. If you have news of magical activity in your community, we've asked your IBM Territorial Vice President to collect it from you. So, please be on the lookout for magic news in your geographical or specialty area. How do you know what's important? While we may not, once we get "up and running" in real-time, be able to include absolutely every submission we receive, a simple formula is this. If YOU think it's interesting (and of course, magic-related), chances are the rest of our readers and contributors will, too.

If, for any reason, you have "hot" news and you're not able to get in touch with your IBM TVP right away, feel free to send the information directly to me at:

If you desire further information regarding how the system will work, contact me at the same E-mail address.

Please note: It will NOT be the function of the IBM Portal to supersede, duplicate or interfere with the efforts of the IBM's print publication, THE LINKING RING. Our magazine has proudly served this organization for the better part of a century now, and it's not going anywhere. THE LINKING RING is, and shall remain, the "Official Organ" of the IBM.

The function of the online Portal is to help bring the International Brotherhood of Magicians into the Twenty-first Century, by making news, international communication, and topics of interest to our members available at an instant.

We're very excited about the potential of the IBM Internet Portal, and we hope you will be, too. IBM International President Phil Willmarth has designated January 2008 as our "official" launch time, but it's essential, of course, that we get all the people and elements in place well before that date.

For a sneak-peak at the IBM Portal (bear in mind, we're still VERY much in the Beta-testing stages), go to

I feel compelled to also note, of course, that the new IBM Portal won't seek to replace online forums such as this one, but rather augment them and the IBM member magazine. I, for one, will continue to visit the Genii Forum on a regular basis.

My sincere thanks for your attention, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Greg Edmonds

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The actual URL appears to be:

(note to Greg, punctuation and capitalization matter for how your server is configured.)

Postby Guest » 09/25/07 11:00 AM

Originally posted by Gordon Meyer:
The actual URL appears to be:

(note to Greg, punctuation and capitalization matter for how your server is configured.)
Capitalization shouldn't make a difference, however, the period (.) at the end of the link in the original post will effect the outcome.

Looking at the site, it should be a nice place for IBM, however, I am not sure about the Purple. I know it may seem dull, but Blue would be very nice; since it is the color of IBM.

Postby Guest » 10/01/07 09:04 AM

Capitalization shouldn't make a difference, however, the period (.) at the end of the link in the original post will effect the outcome.
Go ahead and try it with a capital "P" and you'll see that I'm correct. The webserver is configured so that capitalization matters.

It's a lesson for anyone that has a website, really. Why make it so hard for people to access your site?

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I Goofed!

Hello again, and thanks for the above input and suggestions.

Last week, I sent a message asking for editors and contributors to the new IBM Internet Portal. At the time, I suggested you have a look at the Portal.

At this time, the site has been taken down for major upgrading. So, there's nothing to "see" at present. Please keep in mind, however, that we (I) need contributions for the site to start rolling in as soon as possible. If you have news, a single routine, multiple routine ideas, or anything else appropriate to the IBM Portal, please forward them to

I'll let you know when the Portal IS ready for viewing again, and appreciate your patience.


Greg Edmonds
Executive Editor, IBM Internet Portal

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