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Postby Conus » 04/22/05 03:58 PM

"Magic Seen" is a new magic magazine in the UK. This month's issue (April, '05) includes a cool-looking ad by Aaron Smith's online store, The Magic Depot.

Sporting a nifty graphic style, the ad announces Gregg Webb's brand-new e-book "The Book That Casts No Reflection," available only through The Magic Depot. (Webb's CD "The Book That Doesn't Exist" is receiving rave reviews, including a great review by David Regal in the April issue of GENII.)

Mr. Smith is running a similar ad in next month's issue of MAGIC magazine.
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Postby Guest » 06/15/05 03:44 PM

Got the first addition free when I ordered a book from Alakazam.
Good Uk based magazine but a little expensive at 30 for 6 issues
Genii much better value but could do with more Uk based material in it.

Postby Richard Kaufman » 06/15/05 06:15 PM

The greatest number of Genii readers are, by far, in the United States (even though we sell copies all over the world).
I think it's great that there's a magazine in the UK for the general reader. Yes, at 30 pounds it costs more than Genii or MAGIC, however printing costs in the UK are much higher than in the United States. That's why the hardcover books in the US cost the same as softcover books in the UK.
Every person interested in magic in the UK should support MagicSeen by subscribing.
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