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Postby Evan Shuster » 07/26/06 08:15 PM

I read about this new "magazine" in the August Genii. I was able to find the website, but there was no subscription information, and when I tried the two emails attached to the site they came back undeliverable. Has anyone had any luck contacting these folks, or does anyone have additional information? It sounds interesting enough, and they claim to be preparing to advertise on various sites and forums. Richard's mention piqued my interest enough to investigate a bit more. Any help...?

Evan Shuster
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 07/26/06 09:02 PM

I saw them again at the SAM convention in Louisville, filming new segments for future DVDs. Don't know why the e-mails are bouncing.
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Guest » 08/03/06 05:16 PM

Evan, I have forwarded your thread to the guys. They are on the road right now. In Colon. I promise to get you an answer soon.


Postby Evan Shuster » 08/03/06 06:19 PM

Thanks Winston!
Chris contacted me just the other day with the information I was looking for. I appreciate the assistance.
Evan Shuster
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