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Postby Joe Mckay » 04/18/03 03:38 PM

A couple of years ago, I am sure there was a very good article called 'Magic in Fiction' which appeared in MAGIC magazine. However I am not so sure. I have spent the past day going through all my back issues of MAGIC magazine, and cannot find it. I have checked the INDEX at the MAGIC magazine website. No sign of it. I am now wandering whether or not it appeared in GENII magazine...or whether it exists at all??? :confused:

Any help will allow me to return to normal living.

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Postby John Smetana » 04/19/03 09:58 AM

Sorry I can't help re: the magazine article. However, as a collector of magic fiction, I've found that Michael Canick's monograph and list of magic fiction is a great help.If you do a search on Google for Michael Canick you'll find his website. A real treasure for the magic fiction collector.
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Postby Dustin Stinett » 04/19/03 11:37 AM


There was an article on the work of Clayton Rawson (written by, surprise surprise, Michael Canick) in the May 2001 issue of Genii.

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Postby Joe Mckay » 04/19/03 05:35 PM

David was kind enough to email me the information...Check out the October 2001 issue of MAGIC for the excellent article...Oh, and the article is called 'Novel Magicians' not 'Magic in Fiction'...

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