Tap A Lack

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Postby Guest » 07/10/05 06:38 PM

I have been debating with myself whether to mention this effect on these boards or not. There are a couple of reasons for my hesitancy:
First, if it is true that you can obscure an effect by putting it in print, then by keeping silent I would be able to keep this one for myself.
Second, by reading the M.O. before having seen it performed you will be deprived of the joy of being absolutely slayed by Paul Cummins' performance.
However, there's one good reason to bring it to your attention, and this reason trumps the other two: If you master this effect, you will have an absolute masterpiece in your hands, and I would not want to deprive you the opportunity of bringing great joy to your audiences.
I saw Paul perform Tap A Lack in his environment (a bar) for a group of magicians and lay people.
The result was absolute disbelief on the part of everyone involved.
Go out now, get this month's Magic and start practicing.

Postby Joe M. Turner » 07/11/05 06:05 AM

I've been performing the trick since March and frankly, it's the worst, most boring trick in magic. Don't waste your time reading that complicated labyrinth of a method. It's way too much work for the meager effect that you get.

Move along. There's nothing to see here.


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Postby Paul Cummins » 07/12/05 10:50 AM

Thanks for the kind words, gentlemen.

Paul Cummins
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Postby Guest » 07/13/05 10:19 PM

I'll second Rafael's post. I was one of the ones "slayed" with him when Paul performed this for us almost two years ago. That was a long 2.5 hour drive back to Orlando as we were all licking our wounds. Paul, thanks for tipping this true masterpiece.....may we do it justice.


Postby Matthew Field » 07/14/05 09:45 AM

Not only is Tap A Lack a great trick, I'd like to commend Paul for giving it the full description it deserves (and Josh and Stan for allowing that space in MAGIC).

OK, Paul. We're ready for "fasdiu 3."

Matt Field
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Postby Joe M. Turner » 07/14/05 01:07 PM

Gol dang it. Just when it finally starts getting quiet, somebody goes and bumps this thread up again.

Criminey and tarnation.

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Postby Guest » 07/18/05 11:04 PM

I was very impressed with the thought that went into this effect. I only wish I could have been "slayed" by seeing it performed before I knew the method. I've been working on it all weekend.


Postby Randy » 07/19/05 12:01 PM

This post is just to frustrate Joe Turner :p

On a serious note, can someone give a quick description of this effect?
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Postby Guest » 07/19/05 03:25 PM

Originally posted by Randy Gastreich:
On a serious note, can someone give a quick description of this effect?
The first paragraph:

"A spectator and the performer each think of a card. The spectator is given the deck and asked to read the performer's mind by removing and tabling what she thinks may be the performer's mental selection. The performer then takes the deck and removes and tables a card that he thinks might be the spectator's selection. Both are correct."

Postby Josh Jay » 07/19/05 10:56 PM

Hello all,
RafaelIm pleased you like Paul Cummins Tap a Lack. Im very grateful he allowed me to print it. I don't think you (or anyone) should hesitate to say a great effect has appeared in the "other" magazine. I've been telling everyone how great MAGICANA has been since David Acer took over. I believe there are enough great unpublished tricks to fill several magazines on a monthly basis. Praising great tricks, wherever they appear, is a healthy attitude.

Tap a Lack is certainly a great trick, and has turned lots of people on to the "clocking the deck" principle. The only problem with Tap a Lack is that it overshadowed the other fine effect in the July issue, Punken Droker. It has received far less attention but is, I believe, an equally strong trick (obviously in a different way). For those who take the time to track down Tap a Lack, set aside a few minutes to go through Punken Droker. I think youll like it.

Joshua Jay
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Postby Bill Duncan » 07/20/05 08:36 AM

"Punken Droker" contains one of the most satifiying "shows" in card magic.

Paul, thanks again for sharing this small gem.
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